Psychologists advise parents against letting their children watch PEPPA PIG

This animated film has been a great success and is still broadcast on France 5. There are many toys, t-shirts, and many other things in the effigy of this character. According to experts, there is a irrefutable evidence based on experiments that demonstrates the bad influence of this character on the little ones. Indeed, a growing number of parents are very unhappy with the inappropriate content of the series.

Many complain that their sons and daughters have begun to copy the behavior of the “mean” pig and his younger brother, Georges. Some parents even forbid the program because their children behave badly by adopting the little Pig’s actions. A father is very unhappy about how his four-year-old son plays in “muddy puddles” on the way to school by copying Peppa’s favorite pastime.


Others said their kids started screaming “chocolate cake” at breakfast, always copying George Pig. A mother wrote on the parent site Mums net that are son said “yuck” every time she gives him vegetables and only wants to eat chocolate cakes.

By focusing a little on the character traits of the little pig we can easily see that:

  • He suffers from the syndrome of superiority;
  • He has inappropriate behavior;
  • He imposes his ideas independently of the opinion of others;
  • He is impolite;
  • He loves the competition without losing;
  • He is intolerant;
  • He is disrespectful
  • He is envious;
  • He is arrogant;
  • He is too proud.

Dr. Aric Sigman, a psychologist, says parents are naïve if they think cartoons have no influence on the behavior of the little ones.

He adds that in recent years, there has been a “significant increase” in bizarre behavior among children, as an example: Contradiction, malice, excessive questioning, aggression and lack of respect. All these behavioral failures have often been copied from cartoons.


According to the same source, 80% of the child’s brain development occurs in the first three years. If he spends too much time watching television, he will unintentionally adopt the behavior of his comic book heroes.

The role of parents becomes paramount in the choice of programs to watch and especially in the diversification of activities to prevent the child living in an imaginary world.

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