Professional interior designer shares 24 smart ideas to improve his home

We have all already imagined what the house of our dreams would look like. And it’s quite natural! After all, we spend most of our time here, we could as well make it as perfect as possible.

I guarantee you that once you’ve seen these 24 smart ideas, you can not help but add some new ideas to your wish list.

A professional interior designer shares 24 smart ideas to improve his home:

Create a room for the dog!

Save space in your home and create a room under the stairs for the family dog.

Lower the salon

Create a unique sensation in the living room by “pushing it in”. It’s an elegant design that creates space in a space.

Plinths that suck!

Instead of vacuuming or using a brush to clean crumbs and other debris on the floor, this special plinth will be a great time saver. Just use a broom and it will suck up all the debris.

A sink with jets in the laundry

Are you tired of separating your delicate clothes from other clothes? Install a sink with jets in the laundry room so you can wash your delicate laundry while you wash the other clothes.

Take a nap in the clouds

Cover the walls in your attic with a cloud / sky wallpaper. Then place pillows all over the floor to create a beautiful napping environment.

Smart ideas to improve your home

Maximize the staircase with storage space

Why should the space under the stairs be lost? Add storage under the stairs!

Integrated bunk beds

Build the bunk beds directly into the walls for a more elegant and sophisticated feel.

Accordion windows for the kitchen

Install accordion windows for easy opening and closing. It’s perfect for cooking because it allows you to get rid of unwanted odors, and offers a nice breeze while you cook!

Create a comfortable corner!

Find an unused space and create a comfortable, cozy place to nap or read a book.

Try a small office

If you do not want to create a corner with unused space, try creating a small office.

Two dishwashers

Two is always (usually) better than one. In this case, two dishwashers save you a lot of time. Alternate between the two to always have clean dishes available.

Comfortable shower

Create a lounge chair in the shower for a relaxing experience

A walk-in shower for easy maintenance

A walk-in shower is much easier to maintain and manage because you do not have to deal with the traces on the glass doors of a normal shower.

Smart ideas to improve your home

Build a mansion

Do not settle for a small playground. See things big!

Transform a shelter

Transform an unused shelter into a greenhouse for example.

Hidden Book Shelf

Create a shelf under the stairs

Storage skirting

Maximize all possible spaces. It’s awesome!

Storage spaces under the bed

It’s very creative, and it gives you space and a bedroom.

Secret room

Have you always wanted this “secret” piece of cinema? Try !

Smart ideas to improve your home

Waste and recycling waste in the kitchen

It makes things so much easier.

Hidden counter

If you have a party, it could be really helpful. Remove a hidden closet for extra space.

Starry Night

Fireplace near the bathtub

It’s so relaxing!

Add a small terrace

Add a small patio to the master bedroom to feel like you’re on vacation at home.

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