To be enthusiastic, happy and relaxed, massage this little point! It is also excellent for improving “sleep disorders” this point of acupressure very effective, is also a major point for all that affects heart disorders, and has been used in China for over 5000 years to hunt sluggishness, cure insomnia, nausea, calm anxiety, irritability, stage fright, fear, panic attacks, hysteria, bulimia nervosa, improve memory, soothe heart palpitations, angina and more.

This point is a real treasure to keep for life and to share without restrictions. No contraindications to report.

It can be used anywhere and in all circumstances where one must absolutely regain his joy and calm quickly and to be able to focus and refocus.

LOCATION OF THE POINT: On the fold of the wrist in a sensitive hollow inside a small round bone (the pisiform). (See the video for more details.)

TECHNICAL : Keep your wrist slightly relaxed to better locate the point in the depression and massage it. Massage morning and evening, and if necessary during the day, on each wrist with the tip of your thumb (or your finger) perpendicular to the point for one to two minutes by circular pressure ranging from moderate to strong in the direction of the needles. a watch. You can also stimulate this point with your thumb with held and released pressures of 30 seconds, which you will repeat if necessary.

If your nails are too long, simply use the tip of the eraser with a lead pencil to massage it.

This is a point that can be sensitive, respect yourself at all times and adapt your pressures according to your level of tolerance. It will be just as effective.

Points d’acupression:

Small tip and other practical technique: Make a clip formed by your thumb, forefinger and middle finger and rub vigorously by doing “rotations-frictions” all around the fold of your wrist by pressing well on it with these three fingers several times per day with good pressure. The thumb and forefinger remain constantly on the fold.

Located around the fold of your wrist is the point mentioned above but also many other acupressure points very effective that calm, reduce the level of anxiety … Thanks to this small daily gesture, repeated several times in the day you can discreetly boost these points at any time and you will immediately feel its benevolent effects

Acupressure points: Be careful to breathe well

To get the most out of the effects, always massage while breathing slowly, calmly and deeply through the nose and from the belly. This will unlock the trapped energy and circulate the Qi, the vital energy in us. To give you that in a simple image, stimulating pressure points without using your breath properly and consciously is like wanting to start a fire without oxygen.

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