Pictures of Stephen Wilkes It took 2,200 shots for a savanna photograph

The goal here, besides the technique to take the picture, is to see the importance that a single water point has on a whole biodiversity, and one imagines very well what would happen if this water point came to disappear ..

Here is a cliché that makes a sensation. It took its author over 26 hours of patience to achieve it. 26 hours during which his device went off more than 2,200 times! And the result is simply amazing and dazzling!

This photographer, Stephen Wilkes, put his camera at the edge of a pond in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and did not move for 26 hours. Time to see zebras, wildebeests, hyenas, elephants, mongooses and hippos.

In total, he made more than 2,200 shots, always from the same angle, and that without moving. Once this first phase of his project finished, he then selected 50 photos … to compose only one!

Look, it’s almost magical:

All animal life from a single place in one image! Photo credit: Stephen

This shot shows how life can be in such a small savannah place in just over a day. It looks almost like a painting so it’s beautiful and fascinating.

Stephen Wilkes dit :

“If you look closely in the water to the left of the image, you can see the back of a hippopotamus. When we arrived, these hippos started talking to each other all around us, and we we felt in danger. Although I knew that hippos were dangerous, I did not know how much. It was not until later that I learned that about 90 percent of people hunted by a hippo died. “

What more to say except that the idea is superb … and that this photograph is just beautiful!

Here other photos of Stephen Wilkes always with the same concept:

Historical Regatta, Venise

To capture this view, Wilkes spent 26 hours at a 45-degree angle on a platform attached to the side of a rocky precipice.

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