Phone: Do not use it while charging. You are warned!

We constantly use our cell phones, and sometimes we can not afford the time it takes. An urgent SMS to send, a call to pass or reply to an email, we tend to use our phone even when it is powered.

However, this innocuous gesture can be very dangerous and even fatal … Here are some alarming stories.

Here is a testimony:

Gabbie Fedro, a 13-year-old girl, suffered second-degree burns from her smartphone’s charger, which caught fire. At a party, her father heard her screaming in her room, and her mom says:

“After what happened, she came running with her hand on her neck. She was in so much pain that she cried hysterically.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case that proves that phone chargers can be dangerous. Injuries are usually caused by lithium-ion batteries that overheat and eventually catch fire or explode.

In June 2014, a USB charger took the life of Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, an Australian mother of two young children. She was killed after the charger, plugged into a wall outlet, sent her a high electrical voltage through the earphones she was wearing during her call. This very serious accident was used to educate people about inexpensive electronic chargers, to better prevent the sometimes fatal dangers of unapproved USB chargers.

In 2010, a baby almost two years old put a USB cable in his mouth and suffered third-degree burns because the cable was connected to a computer …

In 2013, a lady was electrocuted while using a defective charger. A leading mobile phone company investigated this case and warned its customers not to use unapproved chargers.

How are cheap chargers a danger?

Despite their very low and attractive price, inexpensive shippers are real traveling dangers. To reduce their production cost, manufacturers try to save as much as possible on the price of the components used and opt for transformers, capacitors or resistors at low prices and whose quality leaves something to be desired …

These often unmarked chargers can not detect whether the device is charged or no longer connected and continue to consume electricity. They also do not respect the mandatory safety distance between the inputs and outputs of the current, which is the main cause of overheating and short circuit responsible for the explosion of this type of chargers. In addition, some brands of mobile phones use specific protocols to manage the amount of power to be supplied to the device in charge, to manage the battery level, and rare are the counterfeit chargers that take into account these safety standards.

Since in our time we always have our phones in hand even when they are in charge, it is imperative to be sure to use chargers and phones that are not defective and comply with safety standards and European certification to avoid any risk. burning or electrocution and enjoy their performance in peace. Ideally you should not use your phone when it is charging.

If you needed another example to dissuade you from using, in the future, chargers from where do you know, made by who knows, here is one, in this video.

With such an accessory plugged into your electrical network, the consequences could be disastrous very dangerous, whether you are at home or not. Think about your dog, your cat, your birds! Kidding aside, the risk of fire starting and very real, well worth a few more euros spent on the purchase of an official charger, no?

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