Permaculteur: Beginner’s Complete Guide – PDF

Permaculteur: Foreword by the Author:The world as we know it has passed its expiry date. We Westerners have pulled too much on the rope, too consumed, drawn from natural resources and developing countries have only one idea in mind: to catch up and live like us after centuries of scarcity. Still, we have to think that a system where everyone lives on top of what natural resources can offer us is no longer sustainable today, and entire parts of this system are collapsing. currently. Nothing captivating anyway in this kind of system since we have been the object of power strategies put in place by a world elite with only objectives to feed their ever greater greed. These strategies have been developed without any awareness of nature and its relationships with human beings as a whole, which is now leading our civilization to disaster. The lobbies of these elites destroy our soil and our health, sell us the fertilizers and medicines that go with it, all the media belongs to them and they can continue to keep us in a situation of illusion. The state of our planet is now clear: climate change, economic collapse, social crisis, peak oil peak, and many other resources essential for the current system (we have little Uranium, phosphates, and more nice things that make our current system run), fresh water resource in grave danger etc. We could talk about this alarming diagnosis and manipulation that we live for hours but this is not the subject of this manual. In permaculture we are not interested in problems but solutions!

“As the problems of the world are more and more complicated, their solutions are shamefully simple

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