People who spend time in nature are happier

Sometimes you have to take a break and look around to see how soothing nature is. Although less obvious when living in an urban setting, spending time outside the city is essential. Here are some points that should convince you to enjoy the weather and escape from the city.

People who spend time in nature are happier

1. Nature reduces stress and helps to make sense of its existence

There are a handful of studies that show that spending time in nature has positive effects on morale. In a study conducted at the University of Chiba in Japan, scientists showed that people who were more in symbiosis with nature were happier. During the life of the project, groups were divided in two. Half had to spend time in the forest, while the other lived in an urban environment. The next day, the groups were interchanged. Scientists noticed that when the 280 participants were in the forest, their pulse, blood pressure and cortisol levels were lower.

2. Walking in the forest stimulates the immune system

It is not only the brain that is stimulated by the outdoors, but also the body. Walking in the forest strengthens the muscles and increases the resistance of the immune system. According to a study conducted at the Tokyo Nippon School of Medicine, when humans inhale phytoncides, molecules secreted into the air by trees and plants, the effects on the human body are beneficial to the immune system.

3. In-kind activity burns calories

A simple forest walk of 60 minutes can burn up to 500 calories. It is also less demanding for the body and joints to spend time in nature than practicing jogging, for example. Walking in the forest reduces blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease. Obviously, calories burned can also contribute to weight loss.

4. The brain is stimulated after a walk in the forest

The breathtaking landscapes, the surrounding noises, the sometimes arid terrain: all these elements contribute to stimulate the brain and creativity. Researchers at the University of Kansas and Utah say that spending time in the wild, far from technology, is a big help in developing intuition.

To draw these conclusions, the scientists sent 56 participants on a four- or six-day trip to the forests of Alaska, Colorado, Maine and Washington. During this period of time, guinea pigs were not allowed to use electronic machines. By the end of their in-kind stay, their level of creativity had increased by 50%, as had their problem-solving skills. Of course, studies have shown that the combination of nature and the remoteness of technology has a direct impact on humans.

Moreover, according to John Muir’s environmentalism, returning to the woods is like returning from where we come from.

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