People who come from a toxic family tend to share these 4 struggles

Many articles address the different problems of being in a toxic relationship. Usually, these problems apply to a relationship and how to repair or move away from what has been accurately identified. However, there are not many articles that evoke the struggles of those who find themselves in a toxic family situation.

The struggles you face in a toxic family deserve their own attention. It’s not the same as being in a relationship, and it’s definitely infinitely more difficult to get away from that relationship. Here are four serious struggles that people face when they end up in a toxic family.

1. Communication is difficult

Children who grow up in a dysfunctional or toxic family situation understand that communication with others is difficult.

Children learn to communicate and function in society in a healthy way by learning lessons at home If their parents and siblings are dysfunctional, their sense of normalcy has been skewed from the beginning. They must learn that what is happening at home is not the norm.

2. Unnecessary anxiety

If you do not come from a dysfunctional family, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is coming.

You come home from school, you have a lot of homework, a check to review and a paper to give in a few days. Not only are you stressed to do all your work, but you are also stressed that you are going home to face the family drama.

Extra anxiety is useless, and it makes everything else difficult to treat.

3. Gaslighting and abuse raise reality issues

Studies show that children growing up in a toxic family environment also have trouble identifying and interpreting their own emotions.

In a dysfunctional household, you may have been blamed and punished for things that were not your fault, or the holidays were ruined because of violent outbursts and arguments, but your parents will look back as if this was wonderful. It manipulates a child’s sense of reality, and it forces them to question their own feelings.

4. Relationships suffer

Your family life is an example of all your future relationships. If your family is dysfunctional and manipulative, you may be preconditioned to act in this way in a romantic relationship in the future, without even realizing the harm you are doing. This does not just apply to dating relationships, but to friendships, office relationships, and so on.

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