Pascal Poot is a Frenchman who grows his vegetables without ever watering them!

Pascal Poot has been organic seed producers for twenty years. Installed on 3ha in Olmet in the Cevennes (Herault), it keeps about 450 varieties of tomatoes (he created the “Conservatoire de la Tomato”) and other varieties of old vegetables.

In this very arid climate and the land full of pebbles, he grows organic tomatoes. Its particularity: it does not water the plants, does not maintain them, and uses no fertilizer or pesticide! And his plants produce up to 25 kg of tomatoes each!

Pascal Poot in his fields

“For thirty years, I started to do the breeding alone and to make sure that plants learn to resist disease themselves. And it works. “

Educate the vegetables to teach them how to defend themselves

Why do people so hard to grow their vegetables while weeds grow easily without requiring anything?

“It is on the basis of this observation that Pascal has developed a method that allows him today to grow and select his tomatoes without watering (or only at the planting) or use of phytosanitary products. “Everybody tries to grow vegetables by protecting them as much as possible, but I try to encourage them to defend themselves,” explains Pascal whose secret is to create his own seeds, resistant to drought and diseases. This method allows it to obtain higher yields than conventional agriculture … and this by respecting the practices of organic farming.

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To share his knowledge, Pascal Poot has decided to offer internships open to private individuals (gardeners or neophytes), farmers and professionals of agriculture to make known its techniques of vegetable and vegetable production. (registration for the internship on the site)

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