Paris gives permits to “green” everything you want!

This is very good news! Passed a little unnoticed last summer, this law adopted by the elected council of Paris, allows the Parisian to acquire a permit to plant the place that you like most! A very nice alternative to revitalize our cities from 100% concrete …

Paris is one of the least “green” capitals, where there are relatively few spaces and so to speak no real green lungs, as there are in London or Central Park. The mayor of Paris strikes hard this time with its proposal 100% green. In the background, we can see real bold proposals for the French capital. The goal by 2020, is to revive

Paris on more than 100 hectares. All alternative solutions are in the proposals. Roofs, walls and facades can and will be planted, one third of which will be devoted to urban agriculture. These are long-awaited proposals. Only this proposal has passed under a quasi-media silence.

A permit to revegetate available within a period of 1 month and lasts 3 years, renewable!

These permits will be issued by the City of Paris, within one month. This authorization to occupy the public domain free of charge will cover a period of 3 years tacitly renewable. It must facilitate the efforts of Parisians, to encourage them to become “gardeners of the Parisian public space” and plant the capital in various forms: fruit trees, walls, mobile planters, keyholes, tree stands, posts or other . The City of Paris will provide them with a planting kit comprising topsoil and seeds.

“We offer them a number of tracks, but we mainly expect their ideas”

In return, the “citizens-gardeners” will sign a Vegetation Charter, which will commit them to use local and honey-loving plants promoting the biodiversity of Paris, to avoid the use of pesticides and to ensure aesthetics and maintenance of their plants and supports. With this permit, we allow Parisians to participate in the change of urban model for a Paris more plant, embellishment and improvement of the living environment, at the foot of their home or their work. Beyond promoting nature and biodiversity in the city, this permit will also contribute to creating social ties by strengthening exchanges with others, including its neighbors, “said Pénélope Komitès, deputy mayor of Paris.

With the installation of planters along the facades, flower plantations at the foot of trees and even urban furniture such as green fences, the mayor now asks Parisians to be imaginative! “We offer them a number of tracks, but we mainly expect their ideas,” says Pénélope Komitès.

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