Our planet is changing! The driest desert in the world covered by flowers

Scientists have predicted that the bloom in 2017 would be one of the most spectacular in decades after huge rains in the north. The desert is also known as the “thriving desert” while the rainfall was particularly high, between September and November, there was a large amount of flowers that hatched about 200 different species.

Usually this happens every 5-7 years, but now it happens almost every year. It is said that the changes come from the weather phenomenon El Nino which had a stronger presence.

Experts said the bloom is very unusual and is expected to reach an all-time high in the second week of August and the first two weeks of September 2017.

The flowers spread across more than 200 species grow even in the most barren places, Mother Nature will never cease to amaze us and the beauty of nature can be found everywhere.

This desert extends for more than 1000 kilometers and is west of the Andes. The majority of the desert consists of land that is stony, sandy, salt lakes and volcanic rocks.

Average rainfall in the desert is about 1 mm per year, and some weather stations never see rain, according to a NASA study.

It is also said that the Atacama is home to the world’s largest sodium nitrate supply and was exploited during the 1940s and many mining towns were abandoned.

This desert has been a filming location for many scenes of the planet Mars, but also in the films The Space Odyssey and Travel around the Sun. It’s also a good choice for astronomers as there is a beautiful moon for about 10 nights each month and it’s the perfect place to watch the stars.

Our planet is changing

For now, this desert is extremely blooming with more than 200 blooming flower species, but we do not know how long it will last, and it will certainly return to its original appearance some time ago.

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