One blood group is superior to the others

Blood is synonymous with life, it embodies the primal force behind the mystery of birth, sickness, war, and death. Since the beginning of human history, he has been a profound symbol. The various blood groups reflect the ability of humans to adapt to their environment, including digestive and immune systems.

New scientific theories tend to show that the type of blood flowing through your veins also influences your health. What are the differences between blood groups? Can we consider a group as “superior”? Explanations.

Your blood type helps to better understand your health profile

The blood that flows in our veins would be strongly related to our health. Moreover, naturopaths explain that certain diets are not appropriate for your blood type. This “blood group dietis based on the principle that each blood group has features inherited from our ancestors and that are more or less compatible with our current diet.

They suggest eating only food that suits our blood type, helping us find or regain our ideal weight, and also prevent a number of diseases. Today, the research has distanced itself from the blood group / diet combination … Moreover, a study conducted by Canadian researchers, published in the journal Plos One, shows that this diet has no scientific basis. For this, they analyzed the diet of 1455 participants for one month.

Next, they determined adherence to each of these diets (A, B, 0), using an index they calculated. Conclusion: While some typical diets had a positive impact on cardiovascular health, these effects were unrelated to blood type.

In Japan, however, learning about a person’s blood type is as commonplace as asking for the astrological sign. Indeed, it would allow to guess the personality and character of the person … Moreover, during a job interview, the recruiter will systematically ask the blood type!

4 distinct blood groups

Nevertheless, our health would be to some extent related to our blood type. There are 4 types A, B, AB and O (or ABO). It is determined by the absence or presence of antigens in the red blood cells that trigger an immune response in the body.

We each have specific antigens that allow the immune system to decide whether a substance is foreign or not. These are two genes inherited from our parents that codify the blood group. Each has its own antigens, except for group O which does not have one but has two antibodies.

It seems interesting to me to share this little summary, in order to know these predispositions which may be able to help you to understand the food logic to adopt for each blood group.

Here are the different characteristics of each group:

Group O: The hunter

Meat eater

Robust digestive tract

Hyperactive immune system

Intolerant to nutritional or environmental changes

Better control of stress through intense physical activity

Need to optimize your metabolism to stay slim and energetic

Everyone in the blood group carries the genetic memory of the hunters of yesteryear, endowed with strength, endurance, self-reliance, courage, intuition and innate optimism. Our group O ancestors had elevated concentration, believed in themselves. If you belong to group O, you are vigorous and resistant and your favorite food fuels are protein. Intense physical activity stimulates you.

Group A: The farmer

The first vegetarian

Harvest what he sows

Sensitive digestive tract

Tolerant immune system

Adapts well to sedentary nutritional and environmental conditions

Better control of stress through soothing activities

Needs an essentially vegetarian diet to stay slim and active

Group A was born when our ancestors had to adapt to life in more densely populated communities and the new stresses of urban and sedentary lifestyles. It took our A-group ancestors to be smart, sensitive and common sense to thrive in this new environment. This may be why our contemporaries in Group A are often subject to nervousness.

Group B: The nomad


Immense immune system

The most flexible in terms of diet

Eater of dairy

Ideally control his stress through creative activities

Needs a good balance between his physical activity and his intellectual activity to remain slim and energetic

The first individuals of group B, confronted with new territories, unknown climates and other peoples, owed their survival to their flexibility and creativity. They had less need to blend harmoniously into an established order than their class A peers and the tenacity of the primitive hunter were less necessary than those of the O group.

It is probably no coincidence that traditional Oriental medicine, born in the region of the world where the highest prevalence of group B is noted, puts so much emphasis on the balance of the physical and the mental. Their natural balance makes them more suitable than other blood groups to get along with their neighbor. Indeed, they are not looking for competition or confrontation and know how to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and listen attentively to their opinions.

AB Group: The Enigma

Modern mix of A and B

Adapts like a chameleon to changing environmental and dietary conditions

Sensitive digestive tract

Immune system tolerant to excesses

Control stress with spirituality and creative energy

A mystery of evolution

The immune system more than welcoming group AB, where their group O congeners have a security door, the AB group does not even have a lock, finds its counterpart in the personality of individuals in this group. These are generally friendly, not very resentful and very diplomatic. It is therefore not surprising that the number of teachers and therapists belong to this blood group.

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