On France 4, “Once upon a time … life” comes back in restored version

Once upon a timelife, the cartoon about the functioning of the human body launched in the 1980s on France 3 – which was then called FR3 – will be rebroadcast on France 4 in March in a version restored in HD. The Hello Maestro production box announced it on Facebook by presenting the scenes of the restoration.

The restoration of Once upon a time life should be over in June, Procidis, the production company founded by Albert Barillé, announced on Tuesday. “France 4 will broadcast the series early 2017,” said Monday a spokesman for the channel.Once upon a time life is one of seven series of popularization imagined by Albert Barillé and drawn by Jean Barbaud, on a music by Michel Legrand, and three of which have already been restored in high definition.

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Many different topics, always about the human body, will be present in the 26 episodes that a whole new generation will be able to rediscover. We bet that their parents will find with pleasure the personified enzymes in little men in overalls or red blood cells whose body changes color depending on whether they carry oxygen or carbon dioxide.

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