Nurse prepares hospital for marriage of stage 4 cancer patient

However, having felt excruciating stomach pain a month ago, the 24-year-old woman went to see a doctor. After performing a bunch of tests, Destini faced the shock of her life: she has stage 4 stomach cancer. Worse, she learned that her body is too weak to support chemotherapy.

Despite all the circumstances that changed their lives, Destini and Brandon still hoped to get married. Little anywhere! Maybe not in Jamaica as they warned at first, but get married at all costs. “From the first moment I met Destini, I knew I wanted to marry her,” Brandon said.

As soon as she heard this, Ashley Shipley Lovekamp, ​​a nurse at the Springfiled (Illinois) hospital, Memorial Medical Center, had the idea of ​​organizing the wedding ceremony at the hospital. Everything has been prepared in just 5 days! The young woman chose her white dress, and local stores offered tuxedos, bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding rings thanks to the nurse.

He’s an amazing person, like a guardian angel,” Brandon told ABC News about the caregiver Ashley.

The celebration was celebrated in the garden of this hospital where Destini spent his last three weeks.

“I wanted Destini to have a real marriage because we did not know how much time was left to live,” Ashley said. “I wanted to make her happy and think of something other than her illness.”

Source nurse prepares to hospital the marriage of a patient with stage 4 cancer: M6 info

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