Nokero solar lamp: it has 15 hours of autonomy!

Lack of means, lack of infrastructure, areas too isolated … the reasons for this are innumerable. But thanks to the development of new technologies, ingenious solutions are starting to emerge. Inventions that could change the world, like this solar lamp performance completely bluffing!

This lamp was designed by the company Nokero. What sets it apart from other solar devices? It can stay on 15 hours after only 6 hours of charging in the sun!

Much more than a full night!

Nokero Solar Lamp Credit: Nokero / View on Amazon

The goal is to bring light to all, but not only. The idea is also to offer a clean alternative to the use of oil lamps.

His secret? LED lighting but especially a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) 500mAh, more powerful and durable than lithium-ion batteries. It recharges in six hours in the sun, and allows as many hours of illumination at full power (25 lumens) and up to fifteen hours in economy mode (10 lumens).

(Credit: Nokero)

Steve Katsaros, founder of Nokero states:

People use kerosene lamps that emit harmful fumes in their homes and are dangerous, both in terms of health and the risk of fires. “

Credit: Nokero / See on Amazon

1.3 million Nokero lamps have already been sold in Haiti, India, Cambodia and Africa. For the boss of the box, in addition to the business aspect, this obvious success is a source of great satisfaction:

“On Lake Victoria, fishermen no longer need to bring thousands of oil lamps on rafts to attract fish. They now use Nokero lamps without any danger of water pollution. “

But beware, these lamps are not only for countries without electrical infrastructure. They can also be of great use (camping, outdoor work, extra light, garden light …) The brand has developed a range including some that can also be used to recharge small electronic devices smartphone style !

Nokero Solar Lamp Credit: Nokero / View on Amazon

Its price: around 16 euros. In addition, for each lamp purchased, Nokero offers another to a family in need, somewhere in the world. One way for her to limit her dependence on fossil fuels, to save money. And to be able to continue working, reading, or doing homework after dark.

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