Nobody ever died of a lack of affection

It is at this moment that the lack of affection, which will not be far, will wait for you to sink, for you to feel alone and that the motor of your life will take away your joy, your essence. , your existence.

The importance of lack of affection

Lack of affection is not important when we do not have to deal with the death of a loved one, a critical illness or other very important situation.

However, nothing more should happen to us to realize that we give an exaggerated priority to breaking up with our partner.

Suddenly, everything collapses, nothing makes sense, we think to die … The acceptance is far from being reached and, if we can, we twist even more in this pain that catches us.

Perhaps we gave everything for each other, perhaps we were overwhelmed in a relationship when we should have previously worked on our self-esteem.

Perhaps we were already empty when we started this relationship, but without realizing it because we concealed everything thanks to the other, to whom we asked everything we did not have.

We gave him the power and responsibility to give us the love we did not have for ourselves, the security we lacked and the joy we could not find on our own.

We made a big mistake, we gave priority to the other, making it our savior. And when everything gets complicated, we cease to exist …

You continue to exist despite the appearance of lack of affection

Your partner tells you that he does not feel the same things anymore and you notice that you start to stop being yourself, disappear, go up in smoke …

However, even though he tells you that, even if everything has changed, even if he finds another person with whom to share his life or you are not exactly what the other person is looking for, you still exist.

The number one problem that makes your world collapse is that you have attached yourself to the other, you have devoted yourself to the other, you have left many responsibilities in your hands.

But even if the lack of affection appears, your world does not collapse. This is the impression that gives but what happens is that you have a lack of perspective.

To avoid sinking when your relationship ends for various reasons, it is necessary to forge a strong relationship with yourself.

Why do we strive to maintain good relationships with others but not with ourselves?

We despise ourselves, we do not give ourselves the value we deserve and so most of our problems arise.

Love in complete freedom

Nobody teaches us to love freely. Children’s stories, religion and the incessant publicity that we receive push us to attach ourselves, to long the other person, but what about us?

We have been castrated from childhood to adulthood and discovered that we are nothing if we do not do what we have been told.

  • “You must be in a relationship”
  • “To love is to suffer”
  • “You have to bear everything in your relationship”
  • “Love requires effort”

All of these beliefs that were very much entrenched in our minds condition our way of living relationships and experiencing lack of affection.

We have not been taught to make the decision to leave without doubting and without waiting for everything to collapse all by itself when we do not feel well, when nothing else works.

We support, we stomp our self-esteem, we humble ourselves, we do thousands of things that go against ourselves.

Lack of affection does not kill. The lack of affection very often is the release of a heavy load.

Let’s stop believing in old stories that we still think are real in the news. Let’s start today to release everything that does not suit us without feeling guilty.

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