No more vasectomy? Here is the fertility switch

Invasive vasectomy may soon be a thing of the past thanks to the German inventor Clemens Bimek. This “sperm switch” will allow the male to extinguish or relight their fertility by pressing a switch inside their scrotum!

The sperm switch will allow many men to assume the responsibility for contraceptives instead of just relying on the ladies. From vasectomy to male contraceptives, these gentlemen now have at their disposal several ways to control their fertility. This switch is the last of these inventions, designed to enable them to decide if and when the seed will come during intimate relationships.

The ‘switch’ is the size of a gummy bear cub and is inserted into the scrotum. The small piece would divert the sperm inside the testicles to prevent ejaculation and thus make the men temporarily infertile.

The sperm switch

With this switch, called Bimek SLV, men will no longer have to make a definitive choice between long-term contraceptive options and potential infertility in the future, since the device would allow men to disable fertility on demand with a simple manipulation of the switch.

How does the switch work?

According to the inventor, the switch works by deflecting the flow of semen to the testicles of the man when he is lit. The device is intended to be just as effective as vasectomy without being permanent. If the user has decided that he would like to become fertile again, the man can easily switch off the device via a switch in the scrotum and the sperm can again be allowed to be ejaculated.

According to the company’s website, Bimek SLV is a hormone-free permanent contraception option for men that, unlike vasectomies, is not designed to be permanent.

This device named Bimek SLV would work rather simply. To open it, it would be enough to push the switch down towards the abdomen from which the spermatozoids would flow normally.

“Male contraception often means using a vasectomy. It is a difficult and irreversible choice. Thanks to this system, there is no need to ask the question. The Bimek SLV allows you to be sterile when you want. “

The switch is inserted into the man’s scrotum via outpatient surgery. The company claims there is no downtime associated with insertion. In addition, the procedure is planned to take only about 30 minutes.

However, it should be noted that the switch is inserted in the “open” position, which allows the seed to flow freely. Once the Bimek SLV is closed, the sperm will remain in the ejaculatory fluids for about three months, or about 30 ejaculations. Therefore, it is recommended that men see an urologist for an analysis after one month to ensure that all sperm is out of the system before relying on Bimek SLV for contraceptive purposes.

“Once the switch is closed, there are still spermatozoa present in your ejaculatory fluids for 3 months or about 30 other ejaculations. To be completely sure of infertility, it is essential that you undergo a semen analysis, or spermogram, with a urologist. This is the only way to be 100% sure.

The company says that “three to six months after closing the switch Bimek SLV,” there will be no risk.

And here is the video presentation of the Bimek SLV: (video in English)

The inventor claims that his 1.8 cm device, which fits into the scrotum, is as effective a solution as vasectomy for birth control.

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