New terms that have appeared in the vocabulary of relationships

However, since the invention of ghosting, there are new terms relating to encounters that need explanation. Here are some of them, so that everyone can begin to understand what people are talking about.

Here are 6 new terms that have appeared in the vocabulary of relationships you probably never heard of:


Mooning is the less aggressive alternative to ghosting. This is when using the “do not disturb” mode of a phone to ignore someone. Even if this mode is convenient to avoid distractions during work or in a place where the phones must be put in silent mode you can also use it as a digital barrier.


It is when after a certain time, like a submarine, a person reappears in your life without warning you, as if nothing had happened. When a person submarines in a relationship, it means that it suddenly disappears without explanation (ghosting), but then comes back, also without explanation. Most people agree that it is difficult to know how to respond to this situation.


Sometimes someone has someone they do not want to go out with, but she likes to talk to her and wants to keep it “just in case.” It means keeping in touch with someone, and contacting them from time to time if you feel lonely but not necessarily wanting to meet.


Instead of just leaving without a trace, someone who disappears slowly begins to slow down communication with another person until they stop completely. Unlike ghosting, people take the time to slowly disappear into the unknown. As with ghosting, there is no explanation as to why communication begins to slow down and then disappears into nothingness.


Phubbing is one of the new terms and comes from combining the words “phone” and “snobber”. This is when someone is hanging out with someone, but they ignore him to spend time on his phone instead. That’s not to say that answering a quick message, or an important email is a definite snob, but when someone uses their phone as a way to not have to talk to another person, he does phubbing.


Yes, now it’s one of the new terms that refers to relationships, not just something people do to help the environment. Recycling is when someone returns with an ex, which makes perfect sense when you consider the meaning of recycling. It certainly depends on the ex and the relationship, but in general, coming back with an ex is a bad idea. After all, if we are no longer with it for a reason, then be careful when recycling!

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