New study confirms being a dog person makes you a better human

Everyone knows that those who have a dog are the best. The question has always been “But how good are they? In a new study of the company BarkBox entrusted to Kelton Communications, the answer is clear: very, very good.

In an online survey of more than 1,000 Americans, we found that people who had a dog were disinterested, loving, and, unsurprisingly, a little weird. Here are 12 reasons why being a dog person makes you a better human.

1. We have no limit.

Over 43% of people said they let their dog follow them in the bathroom, and 33% went to the bathroom while their dog was in the room. The only real shock is that the numbers are not higher. If you watch your dog go to bed every day, it seems normal to return the favor.

2. The comfort of our dog comes first.

Among the people who share their bed with their dog, more than a third have indicated that they will do everything to make their puppy sleep well. This even includes letting their dog spread as they are pushed to the edge of the bed. More than half reported falling asleep with a snoring dog, but they would not do the same for another human being. We are constantly sacrificing our sleep for theirs.

3. No one makes fun of our clique.

People who have a dog are almost as loyal as dogs. About a quarter of homeowners insist that their dogs come to social events, or even organize activities that focus around their puppy. More than 20% of people organized a birthday party for their dog.

4. We work on our physical condition.

Having a dog is like having a constant workout buddy who will be very upset if you cancel because you have a hangover. About 83% of people agree that they have become more active with their dog and that they determine their training routine based on their dog ‘s needs.

5. We have our own therapist.

We are lucky enough to have a personal therapist 24/7. While it is very important to have a human support system, 85% of people who have a dog say that their pet has been present in difficult times, and about 83% consider their dog as their best friend.

6. We would give up everything for our puppy.

90% of dog parents would sacrifice almost anything for a month if this could make their pet the happiest. This includes alcohol (57%), Netflix (49%), coffee (42%), intimate sex (30%), and even taking a shower (13%).

7. Our generosity knows no bounds.

Whether it’s buying new toys or moving to get closer to a dog park, 97% of people are willing to make efforts for their dog’s happiness. When 93% of people are impatient to see their dog when they return home, it makes sense that they prefer not to show their hands empty.

8. If you want to be our lover, you have to accept our dog.

We love our dogs. So much so that 71% of people said they would rather spend an hour with their dog than with the President of the United States. Anyone who wants to join the pack, must understand that our dogs go first. More than half of the parents of dogs prefer to spend time with their dog than with their half and the same for those who would bring their dog to the first appointment. You can not love us without loving our dogs.

9. We take the time to smell the roses (until our dog pee on it.)

71% of people reported being happier since the arrival of their dog. This affects every aspect of our life, even down to wake up in the morning. One in four say that waking is less difficult because they are happy to say hello to their dog.

Dog person

10. Patience is a virtue.

More than half of people say they are more patient since they have a dog. If you have already waited in the rain for your dog to find the perfect place to do his homework, you know why.

11. Do you need something done right? Ask a dog person.

It takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to take care of another life. It can be difficult to get dressed in the morning, and even more to dress your puppy, which 45% of us do regularly. It is therefore to be expected that more than half of people say they are more responsible since they have a dog.

12. We are very sociable.

Our dogs are friendly and so are we. Almost 30% of people are more sociable thanks to their dog. Some people have their hearts on their hands. We have it at the end of a leash.

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