New crime against plants !!

These requirements do not concern rare plants of the 19th century. They have been designed to avoid germs and parasites that are dangerous to Australia’s environment and agriculture as part of the international trade in tropical fruits and live animals !!

Never mind, “regulation is regulation”.

Customs officials believe that “papers are not in order”. They proceed on the field to incineration . These irreplaceable plant specimens are reduced to ashes .

A crime against plants and “An irreparable loss”

“It’s an irreparable loss,” said Michel Guiraud, Museum Collections Director. [3]

“Biodiversity indices 200 years ago were destroyed, which are important when we want to study climate change. “

Bis repeated

Australian customs are not at their first attempt.

They have recently destroyed, for the same absurd reasons, a herbarium containing very old specimens collected 150 years ago on the peaks of Papua New Guinea and along the Australian coast. Very rare plants that no longer exist today . [4]

These plants were of crucial importance in an area of ​​the planet particularly affected by climate change. This is where the Great Barrier Reef is, vital for the future of humanity.

Australian authorities blame others

Far from apologizing, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Resources lamented a “deeply regrettable event” but hastened to add that there was a “shared responsibility” because French botanists would to adhere to the import conditions “!!! [5]

In other words, our researchers at the Natural History Museum are supposed to know the Australian regulations on the importation of fruits and vegetables, and they only have to blame themselves if their herbarium was destroyed by customs !!

Faced with the absence of protest from our political representatives, I created a page to directly demonstrate our indignation to the Australian authorities.

We are tired of this indifference , of this contempt for the plants which, it will be remembered, have supplied humanity since the beginning of time with its food and its (natural) medicines.

How Authorities Maintain Fear and Ignorance of Plants

Behind these foolish, serious, and repeated acts of destruction, there is evidently a profound ignorance, a fear even of plants .

This fear is maintained by the authorities who constantly seek to discredit the medicinal plants .

Recall that in France of 2017:

  • The Vichy decree, which banned the diploma of herbalist in 1941, has still not been abolished. France has only 15 herbal firms, compared with 23,000 pharmacies [6];
  • The gatherers of wild plants which collected the fumitory, chaste tree, scrofulaire, burdock and yarrow, are but a handful;
  • Only 30 plants are still in the program in medical school, more than 800 000 known!
  • It is always forbidden to indicate that fennel helps with digestion; that thyme relieves bronchitis; and even that chamomile calms nerves and promotes sleep !!

Permanent persecutions

The last active herbalists in France are regularly persecuted:

  • The herbalist Jean-Pierre Raveneau, who had one of the last herbalists in Paris, was sentenced last year to one year in prison suspended for “illegal practice of pharmacy recidivism” for selling herbal teas and essential oils; [7]
  • Michel Pierre, of the Palais Royal’s Herbalism in Paris, was also convicted by the court in 2013. The judge acknowledged that he was doing “everything in his power to comply with the law” but the law is against herbalists and so they are automatically out of the rules; [8]
  • Natura Mundi, the online herbalist of the Eastern Pyrenees, is currently harassed by agents of the DGCCRF.

Herbalism has become a kamikaze profession

Herbalism has become a kamikaze profession .

At the slightest pretext, the stocks are sealed. They are fined. They must expect each morning to see the brigade fraud land and force them to destroy their production

The slightest missing or excessive mention on your labels, and you are liable to prosecution.

This harassment is obviously the cause of the decline in the knowledge and use of medicinal plants. With this decline, ignorance and fears are rising, and this is how we come to disasters like those customs who have obviously “thought well” by throwing these priceless herbals into the fire.

Let’s hear our voices!

We are tired of this contempt that has already done us too much harm to humanity and the planet.

Join your voice in expressing your desire to defend medicinal plants by co-signing my letter to the Australian Department of Agriculture and Resources.


Our contemporaries are busy with all sorts of valid humanitarian, political, economic or social causes.

But restoring the link between humanity and plants is the foundation of everything else .

Participate in this awareness. Help me to remember that the plant world is at the origin of everything. Our children do not have to finish like in Wall-e, with the last shoot of the world having grown in an old shoe:

The film Wall-e tells the story of a robot that saves a young shoot in a world that has lost all connection with Nature. Let’s act before it’s too late!

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