Never forget that those who hurt you do not deserve you

It’s something everyone knows. Yet, there are times when our existence puts us in the face of complicated situations in which it is not always easy to be aware of and apprehend these aspects.

During our existence, there are times when we have affective relationships where, even if love exists, it is transformed and becomes harmful and painful, without there necessarily being physical abuse.

A person who hurts you can also do it through indirect methods that jeopardize our emotional balance and our self-esteem.

Today, with this text, we invite you to think about the need to impose limits and to always remind yourself that to love is to give happiness, because love is joyful and not suffering.

Someone who hurts you to a bad definition of love

There are many ways to love and they do not all give real happiness.

There are those who love because they are afraid of being alone, others who love themselves only and those who mix love with domination and tyranny as possession.

Toxic loves are very numerous, and we must be careful because, although we do it without wanting it, we can also hurt our partner without realizing it:

  • There are individuals who, when they feel embarrassed by something done to them, told or given to them by their spouse, completely shut themselves up and use the method of “harmful empathy”.
  • Here is a typical example: make our partner jealous because we feel threatened because of their proximity to someone else.
  • When our partner does something we do not like, it is important to put boundaries and talk face to face with confidence, calm and openness. If we reproduce his actions, we are only aggravating the situation.

We must know that we can also hurt directly or indirectly, but the most complicated is to detect what is not working well.

The whole problem is not to be aware of it and not to be able to react to several types of abuse.

We are often raised with the idea that to maintain a harmonious relationship, we must give in and support, even what we do not dislike. However this is not true, and it should never be like that.

Reciprocity and communication are two fundamental pillars in a healthy relationship. That’s why we invite you to consider these situations, which lead to maltreatment

Irony is a form of contempt

Irony is a double-edged sword that can be very painful. Sometimes people use it as a means of communication and their sense of humor quickly falls into aggression, contempt and humiliation.

Here are some examples of these types of behaviors:

“Of course, without me, you would be a complete disaster,” “Do not worry, you do not have to be as beautiful / beautiful because it will not change anything. But you like me anyway like that.

These people cut our ties with others to control us

Whoever hurts you in this way does not deserve to be in your life, no doubt.

There are those who have a grip on our everyday life, like a spider who ties up his victim so that it does not escape:

  • They are individuals who have low self-esteem and are afraid of being abandoned. So they use control and domination.
  • These people will cut our ties with our loved ones and our friends, they will make us forget the hobbies that we love and will prevent us from going out of this relationship of couple which is a zone of comfort.

Drop those who hurt you: a vital and vital need

There are relationships that we have to leave behind because of emotional or physical need.

However, it is not always easy to abandon this relationship because the level of dependence is often very high.

  • What is most important is to realize that you are with someone who is hurting you. For the one who really loves you will never confuse respect and tenderness with aggression, contempt or humiliation.
  • You must understand that your happiness is far from the one who hurts you. It is essential to become the one you were before, to your emotional tranquility before.
  • Do not hesitate to seek the help of close people and / or your friends, or institutions if you think it is necessary.
  • Protect your self-esteem. You are a strong person who deserves to be happy, and to find your happiness, you need a final act of courage to break this harmful link.

Sometimes it is better to be in peaceful solitude than a relationship in which our values , integrity and esteem are damaged .

A person who hurts you does not deserve your efforts, your time nor the tenderness on your part.

This is something we must remember and must defend so that as few people as possible can not fall into these bad ways.

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