Natural tips to quickly relieve a hemorrhoids attack

But we also have internal hemorrhoids. They are located inside or the lower part of the rectum. These can be complicated more easily. They can only result in itching and bleeding. But in some cases, they can descend along the canal and externalize as a very painful hemorrhoidal package.

Natural recipe:

When one has a hemorrhoids crisis , the ideal is to dab gently with a piece of cotton generously soaked in organic lemon juice. Do not hesitate to drink a lot of lemon juice. In an emergency, introduce a small ice cube in the anus, or a small piece of raw potato (peeled).

In 24 hours the burn should be soothed.

Natural alternative and very effective against hemorrhoids: clay. Every evening, wash the area to be treated as well as the surroundings, with an enema with salt water salt water. Then apply a poultice of green clay and keep it overnight. The next morning, remove the poultice by sitz bathing in cold water. Repeat until healing.

Boil quince seeds stripped of their bark, in milk. Then pour them into small bags and apply them hot on the hemorrhoids.

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