Natural remedies for foot and leg swelling

If you have swellings in different parts of the body, you know it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and impractical. When these swellings are on the feet, ankles and legs, it’s even more embarrassing, especially since is the area most commonly affected by these swellings.

Having swollen feet gives the feeling of walking on a water-filled mattress, which deprives women of the possibility of wearing heeled shoes.

You can go to a doctor and get a pain reliever that will reduce blood flow, such as aspirin. But if swelling continues, you will have to inject steroids.

Many of us want to avoid these pharmaceutical remedies. What alternatives are offered to us?

Way of life.

The most effective and immediate treatment against swelling of the feet, ankles and legs is the RGCE technique; Rest, Ice cubes, Compression and Elevation. These techniques will help reduce swelling by facilitating the drainage of fluids that cause swelling, and allow them to circulate normally in the body.

It is obviously not possible to lie down and raise your legs at any time, you will have to use compression socks, which you can wear at any time. But it’s not just that.

You can not go to work with a bag of ice cubes around your ankles, but you can make sure to lower temperatures with airy socks and remove your shoes as soon as possible. Heeled shoes are obviously forbidden! Prefer comfortable shoes and you will see the difference. Health goes before beauty.

You can also play sports, which is a solution for the long term. The sport will not relieve you the first time but you can improve your blood circulation in the long run and reduce swelling.

Natural remedies for foot and leg swelling

Natural remedies.

If you do not like chemical tablets, favor magnesium-rich foods. A magnesium deficiency leads to edema.

There are also natural vasodilators like garlic that can dilate the blood vessels and thus help to thin the blood. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor that will give you the opposite effect.

Water is also your ally. Water liquefies the blood and dilutes the excess salt in the body.

You will then be able to balance your electrolytes and enjoy several other benefits that these treatments offer to your health. Be aware that the majority of people are in constant dehydration so consider drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day. (Do not go over 10 glasses a day.)

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