Narcissistic pervert: this awesome short film lifts the mask

“We are the first to have addressed emotional abuse. We had watched what was already being done in other countries, so as not to reinvent the powder. This is where it was found that in the fight against spousal violence, the others only dealt with blows. “

A narcissistic pervert or a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is someone who has a devaluing image of herself and who values ​​herself by belittling others. Men are more often affected than women by narcissistic perversion. This person gives himself the appearance of being superior to others and feels an exacerbated need to be admired . He is a talker able to adapt to all situations and all behaviors. She manipulates those around her and feels no guilt when she hurts others.

The narcissistic pervert can be a spouse, a friend, a colleague or even a member of his family , with whom there is a close bond but most often it is when it happens in the couple that the damage is the most terrible.

If you have a doubt about a person, do this little test in 15 questions. It can help you better understand if you are a victim of such a person. If the test is positive or you doubt, get help by calling 3919, this issue is dedicated to domestic violence.

Do not turn a blind eye to psychological or physical abuse as it can lead to destructive behavior or even suicide. Psychological violence unlike physical violence is more insidious because it does not leave a mark on the body to alert your family or doctor before the situation is irreversible.

See also: The fight of Marie-France Hirigoyen. The author of Harassment denounces, in ” Women under the influence “, the verbal and psychological violence within the couple .

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