Narcissistic perverse: how to detect a manipulative woman?

The narcissistic perverse women are much more numerous than some people think and will probably logically become more and more numerous with the changes that take place in the society where power in the couple has passed into the hands of women.

So some women try to destroy the personality of the men with whom they live and sometimes others as well. How to detect them? How to react ?

Narcissistic perverse: how to detect a manipulative woman:

1 – Reminder of the operation of the manipulator

The evil woman knows the same basic functioning as a man. The goal is to destroy the other for his benefit. At the beginning of the relationship, you will be “the jewel of the crown” with all the qualities and assets.

As time goes by, you will become very little, drowning in harsh and sometimes violent criticism.

Where perversion makes sense is that they justify their behavior by proving that everything is your fault. They can not behave differently because you pushed them to the end, you are so stupid, stupid, incomprehensible.

You should already be grateful to this woman so perfect to take interest in you!

The more time passes, the more the despotic character asserts itself, going as far as carrying physical blows. Men are not immune from physical violence and may just as well be a victim.

Narcissistic perverse: how to detect a manipulative woman?

2 – Specificities of the manipulative perverse

The pervert witch manipulator feels no interest in others.

Signs to recognize it:

– She only talks about her and does not really listen

– She cuts the floor to bring the center of interest back to her person

– She feels no empathy

– She experiences a certain enjoyment in the face of the suffering of the other

– She’s never responsible for anything

The pervert tries to control you, to isolate you from the support people, and takes away from the people who depend on her (her employees, her family members) to point you out and isolate you. You are still the only culprit, the only one to make mistakes .

The evil woman can find different ways to “tie up” her victim:

– It can establish a sexual addiction

– Take advantage of a contract that reads you (professional subordination)

It is important to note that the manipulative woman will use and abuse her strengths and seduction to control the man under her thumb , an essentially feminine weapon.

3 – The favorite weapons of the manipulator: desire and sex

The primary goal of the manipulator is to make the man feel guilty.

She tries to make him feel helpless.

This guilt aims to suppress the pleasure experienced by man, to create a sexuality without pleasure and joy. A sexuality that is both mechanical and compulsive.

For example, in the face of a totally passive, apparently indifferent or often silent woman, the man desperately seeks to make her happy and satisfied without ever really being able to do it. He is lost, sees nothing, understands nothing.

His goal is to show man how weak, perverse or helpless he can be .

Here again, the impossibility of establishing any constructive communication prevents the construction of a fulfilling sexuality.

Sexuality is an issue of power for the manipulator. A surefire way to cause stress that will cause psychosomatic disorders.

If the man resists and finally understands the origin of his troubles he will seek in vain to establish a communication with the harasser.

He is left with no other choice but to think that he is hurting a partner whom he believes to love passionately and thus to feel a great sadness, a great guilt.

4 – The weight of feelings: the fatal weapon of the manipulator

Blowing hot and cold is a privilege that belongs to him.

When she rejects you, it is not very serious, or it is to stimulate you, for your good.

But if you reject her, even in the tone of the joke, she will blame you for the end of time and will avenge one way or another.

Never forget the contract for which you signed : you like a perverse manipulator and you have chosen to:

– To court her forever

– Stay impassive in front of his mood swings

– Give everything to her since she offers you the best: her so-called “love”

– To bring him unconditional and unconditional love

– Never be distant even if it rejects you

– Exempt him of all reproach (but accept to undergo multiple!)

Feelings are an issue of power : yours will always be questioned.

The provocations that she will make you undergo, as well as the control she will exert over you, will eventually push you to the end. Whatever your reaction, it will be bad or subject to reproach.

To conclude, know that in any case, a perverse manipulator will always prevail over you. If you are exhausted, she will accuse you of blaming a “weak woman”. Only one solution in most cases, flee before friends and family are manipulated in turn and turn against you!

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