My Son, this letter is from your poor mother

A long period of suffering illuminated by a glimmer of joy on that night when I did not sleep, or the pain, fear, emotion that I can not describe or express invaded me.

The extreme pain prevented me from crying by watching death closely several times.

Finally, coming into the world, your cries, removing all pain and sorrow, accompanied my tears with joy.

I leaned hard to kiss you before you were hit by a single drop of water.

My son years have passed and I have always had you in my heart, I washed you with my own hands, my legs and arms were your cradle when I was awake so you could sleep. I got tired and I surpassed myself to make you happy; my only joy was to see you smile.

And my joy at any moment was that you could ask me for a service, it was my happiness.

The evenings are spent as well as the days and I always at your service, a tireless and working mother without respite praying to Allah always for you that He fills you with happiness and prosperity.

I watched you day after day until you became a young man, then taking the form of a man suddenly I find myself looking for the woman you asked for right and left.

The day of your wedding arrived when my heart was tight, I hid my tears of joy for your new life and my great sadness after our separation.

The heavy hours passed, the moments passed slowly, suddenly I discovered that you were no longer the son I knew.

The smile has disappeared, your voice has disappeared, you have become distant, you have forgotten and ignored me. I waited for your return; hoping to hear at least your voice, but your absence lasted and the identical days followed one another.

I watched the door for a long time but you did not come. I ran like crazy after every phone call …

The nights have become darker and darker. The days grew longer and longer, without seeing you or hearing you.

So you ignored and despised the one who cared for you all this time.

My son, I do not ask for anything but consider me one of your friends or at least the least esteemed of your friends.

Add me to your monthly list: one visit per month.

My son, my back bent, my limbs start to tremble, diseases congested me, handicaps visited me very closely because I move with difficulty.

I have trouble sitting down and despite all this my heart keeps beating for you.

I think if one day someone did you a favor, you would have thanked him! But your mother did it for years.

So where is the reward and fidelity to your mother?

My son, you can not know my joy when I hear you’re happy.

I am amazed because you are my invention.

What did I do to become your enemy?

Did I make a mistake with you or did I refuse to help you one day?

Consider me as a housekeeper with a salary.

Offer me a share of your goodness because Allah loves the benefactors.

My son, I hope to see you again, I only want that.

Let me see your face even in the most terrible moments.

My son, my heart is broken, my tears have flowed and you live your life ignoring me.

People still testify of your good education and kindness.

My son, is not it time for your heart to react to this mother weakened and full of hope to see you again, saddened, withdrawn and abandoned far from his own.

My son knocks on the door of paradise with a smile and forgives! For the sake of Allah, as the hadith says (The father is the door of the middle of Paradise, it is up to you to choose to keep it or lose it)

I have known you for so long, you love the good deeds and you are always looking for good works, but today you have forgotten the hadith (humiliated, humiliated, humiliated the one whose father and mother or one of them reaches old age with him and he does not deserve to enter paradise.) Where are the good gestures?

My son I will not raise the tone of complaint so that it does not reach the heavens and that the wrath of God can fall on you like lightning. No, I will not do it because you are still my son.

My reason for being in life

Wake up, white hair begins to cover your head soon you will be old and your children will reward you in the same way and you will write with tears these letters that I am writing now.

And before God we will meet again one day!

Paradise is at the feet of your mother.

Make a gesture to your mother to make her happy if not tear this letter and remember that a good gesture is in your favor and that a bad gesture will fall on you and you will suffer the consequences.

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