More than a friend, a sister is half of the heart

Although there may be differences, and the years of childhood or adolescence were often marked by competition, arguments, clothes to share and jealousies to hide, to finish, the temp ended up having because of them and showed them the importance of preserving this link.

It is said that the true family is the one we choose, regardless of blood ties. However, often this attachment that is established with a sister often exceeds any relationship.

It is a strong emotional, biological and intimate connection so unique that the person who is lucky enough to have a sister knows very well that it is an authentic treasure that must be kept and valued.

A sister, a bond that transcends the family

It is possible that you have spent time without speaking to you. Life sometimes puts us face curious situations where pride weighs heavily, as well as disagreements at the root of a lack of know-how.

Despite the distance and the anger, the heart always ends up being painful and it is very painful to maintain this separation for too long.

Finally, it is our little sister, or our big sister, the one who always guided us and who advised us in the best way.

A telephone conversation, moments of complicity, laughter, a memory to remember and this connection that will never break, are some of the things that unite us despite the distance and the reproaches.

Let’s see how this relationship with a sister is characterized.

A similar education but different characters

Sometimes it is amazing to see that even though they have the same education and almost the same things, all the sisters are very different.

  • There are rebels who have taught us to defend our space, our rights, to raise our voices and to choose what is best for us.
  • Other sisters have a calm and balanced temperament that has always provided refuge and comfort. They are supporters during difficult times, who listen to us and understand us.

Brothers and sisters must not have the same personality. Just as children are not copies of their parents, in siblings there are different interests and reactions about the same things.

It is also a help and a way to grow, since they can complement each other in many ways.

When words are not essential

No need to tell a sister that we feel bad when we are with her. The connection of emotion, blood and experience makes her feel that something is wrong in the moment.

It is then that unfolds this proximity and this anxiety that gives us so much comfort.

Even though we have friends, spouses, and we can count on our parents, a sister shares with us a legacy of stories and situations that will make her understand how she can help us.

It does not matter the distance and the differences

It does not matter if there is a great distance between you, or that life and stories have forced you to separate to follow your partner.

The concern of a sister will always be present, because it is something natural and instinctive.

Calls, SMS, emails … there will always be a way to count on this support, on this continuous interest from the other half of our heart that we regret so much.

Nobody tells us the truth with as much sincerity as a sister

Maybe it’s time, or whatever we shared, but we know that our sister will always tell us the truth sincerely and almost without anesthesia.

  • A sister does not feel obligated to be condescending, let alone please us with false conventionalism. She knows that sincerity is part of this blood relationship and that’s what we always expect from her.
  • A sister will always be more than a friend because we passed with her by many vicissitudes. The experience of childhood, sometimes complicated, these failures of youth where we had all its support, and this maturity to which we arrived, are shared personal triumphs that leave marks in the heart …

If at this moment you are away from your sister because of a little disagreement, try to go over your pride.

Life is much easier than we think, and support between siblings is an amazing gift that we should enjoy every day.

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