Monique Mathieu: Do not intervene in the lives of others

You have to learn to let your loved ones, your friends, everything they have to live. They are sometimes people who came to this world with “big suitcases”. The only thing you can do for them is to interfere as little as possible in their lives, to let them live, even if they “get blows”, and to love them.

Do not interfere in the lives of others:

Do not try to interfere in their life, you will not be able to do anything!

You will help them in the Love you can give them. It is absolutely necessary that you do not take their sufferings on you, that they destabilize you, because you have a mission other than that to let you destabilize by your relatives.

What we tell you is hard but is necessary to hear! You are you, you must only give a lot of Love to those around you.

Dive into yourselves, call upon your own deity, and if you want to speak to him, ask that the words that come out of your mouth be words of wisdom.

We must not intervene too much in the life of these beings, we must only send them Love and try to speak to their souls.

We must not forget that a soul is complete, regardless of the age of the human being. Currently, the beings who come on this world still feel the vibratory differences much more, and some of them accept it with difficulty.

You humans have the particularity of always worrying about others. Of course it’s a form of love, but what you did not understand is that when you worry about others, you lose precious time that would allow you to work Love for you- same.

It is necessary that you understand that the Love that emanates from you can transform everything around you, that the Love that emanates from you can soothe the anger, can soothe the sorrows, can also cure the sick. Before you can generate this Love you must be in total serenity, you have total control and total confidence.

This is not putting the bar too high. It’s a lot simpler than you suppose! It is your mind, your intellect, your ego, and the proprieties of all this that very often prevent you from acting and reacting wisely, with moderation, with Unconditional Love. This is an education that must now be let go.

You must be able to be yourself!

We strongly insist that when you have passed a certain course, when the energies of Peace, Wisdom and Love emanate from you, everything will change around you! Even those who are most resistant to transformation will be able to transform themselves at your touch.

Remember that whoever is in front of you, whether a child (especially a child) or an adult will more and more receive your thoughts. He will perceive them, he will receive. He will also perceive your feelings and your love.

If the sails fall for you, they will fall for all human beings, but in a different way for each of them because everyone is different.

Do everything you can to transform yourself inwardly and to ask the Divine Being that you are to express yourself much more, to express yourself in your words, your thoughts and your actions, to express yourself simply in your everyday life. Do not forget to talk to him, and you will be amazed at his answer, because there will be an answer, just as there will be an answer from your soul. “

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