Moncler jackets, at more than 1000 euros pluck living geese

The well-known brand Moncler is at the heart of a scandal after the broadcast of a report showing the manufacture of jackets in goose feathers, in which we can see the birds plucked live. 30 Million Friends, who has been fighting against such methods for many years, calls on consumers to be very vigilant.

This is a video that was broadcast on the Italian channel Rai 3 which has revived the controversy. Titled “Siamo tutti Oche” [“We are all geese”, Ed]] and directed by the journalist Sabrina Giannini, this video shows the conditions of plucking geese for the making of jackets of the Italian brand – of French origin – Moncler. The images are unequivocal: we can see the live plucked birds. Some injured birds are coarsely dressed and then covered with antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection. The plucked geese are barely standing, their gait is faltering, their sufferings are beyond doubt. The scene was filmed in Hungary, far from the pretty Moncler shops in Gstaad (Switzerland) or Aspen (USA).

Moncler Down Jackets

Plucking live geese, a common practice in Hungary

Faced with these images that are unsustainable, the chain drives the point: “The plumage of living geese is common in Hungary, and this report only exposes an illegal and cruel practice widespread in the European Community,” she explains. on his site. And for good reason: the plumage of living geese is, in spite of the European Convention on the animal welfare of December 22, 1999 which prohibits it, a current practice. “This method represents up to 80% of the world’s feather collection and the six main producers are European, including Hungary, Poland and France – 93% of this production alone”, says the Organization. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). “The European Union is considered to be primarily responsible for the lack of control and enforcement of the rules,” says Sabrina Giannini.

The report raises questions about the economic choices of the brand that prefers to relocate production in Eastern Europe – and thus reduce manufacturing costs – instead of keeping its production units in Italy and to control more easily the conditions. breeding. “By manufacturing its jackets for a price of about 40 euros and selling them in stores at prices between 500 and 2500 euros, Moncler realizes considerable margins at the expense of the consumer,” the report said. Hence his name, “We are all geese”: understand “customers are taken for fools” denounces the chain.


Moncler’s president, Remo Ruffini, laconically reacted via a statement. “We have nothing to do with farmers and companies that work illegally and not acceptable.” But the wave of indignant reactions could push the giant down jacket to take the controversy more seriously. The day after the broadcast of the documentary, the action was down 4.91% to 10.52 euros, says the website of Quant twittos, they created the hashtag #siaomotuttioche to protest against Moncler.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation, which alerted consumers and public authorities in 2009 about the plumage of living geese, calls on consumers to be very vigilant when shopping. Other brands, like Burberry, have recently been pinned for fur farming conditions. A 30 Million Friends Foundation petition is still online.

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