Milan creates the first vertical forest in the world

At a time when innovation is becoming more harmonious with nature, to preserve the Earth and contribute to well-being are being implemented at a rapid pace. An incredible innovation has been designed by Stefan Boeri Architects for sustainable development: a vertical forest .

It will soon be the greenest building in Milan. Because an average household in a city produces about 25-30 tons of CO2 per year, the implementation of green architecture in heavily populated areas is not yet a fairly common practice.

At the end of the year, the city will complete the construction of a unique building in the world. The first ecological building: 1 hectare of vegetation integrated into the houses. Its designer, architect Stefano Boeri, opens the era of green concrete.


The construction of these residential towers, two buildings of 27 floors, respectively 80 and 110 meters high! The project is encrypted at 65 million euros If the aesthetic bet is successful, it is not the initial goal. Indeed, the plants were not chosen at random. The goal is to allow this vegetation to absorb CO2, moisture, release oxygen and protect the inhabitants from dust particles. The Vertical Forest represents a real “ecological showcase”.

It took two years of study for Italian botanists to select, plant and install the first trees on the building under construction.

In the vertical forest building, each balcony of the apartment will feature trees that will provide shade during the summer months and will lose their leaves in the winter which will allow sunlight to pass better. The balconies, arranged in staggered rows, will accommodate trees of adult size (3, 6 or 9 meters high), 900 in total. But also 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 cover plants. Or 1 hectare of vegetation in the district of Isola, right in the city center!

A wastewater filtration system (which uses water that has been poured into the sink or shower) will ensure that the trees are sufficiently watered. In addition, photovoltaic power generation will provide sustainable energy to buildings.

Merging the best sustainable technologies with a revolutionary design will not only help the environment, but will bring harmony between human beings and nature.

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