MedChexRx, the new cannabis-based chewing gum that relieves fibromyalgia

For now, more research is being done on how this could be a safe and effective delivery method for cannabis to relieve pain. The goal is to provide instant relief for people with chronic pain so they can continue to function normally throughout the day without suffering.

Options currently available for pain relief:

1. CBD oil

CBD oil is made from cannabis with a high content of CBD, low THC, which means that this oil is not psychoactive. It can be purchased in various forms: (4)

2. Smoking

Only 3 puffs a day of cannabis are known to relieve people who suffer from chronic nerve pain caused by injury, surgery and illness, allowing them to sleep better and heal more quickly. The effectiveness of this remedy depends on the variety of cannabis and its strength. (5)

However, smoking is very bad for your health.

3. Food

Edible foods containing cannabis including cookies, brownies, sweets, chocolates, beverages, and snacks, are a good option for those who want to use the drug for pain relief, but do not want to smoke it. Again, different varieties will have varying strengths.

You should also know that marijuana ingestion generates a lot more potency, so you need less. Most people do not need a full brownie, or even a half, to feel the effects. (6)

Cannabis has many side effects including acute side effects that mainly affect the psyche and intellectual faculties of people. As for the acute physical effects, they affect especially the cardiovascular system. I invite you to read this article: SIDE EFFECTS RELATED TO CANNABIS

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