Masturbation, is it a health hazard? Amazing answer!

When the boy becomes a teenager, he finds himself most of the time alone to play with his fantasies and create his own sexual scene where it is possible to practice what is called masturbation or self-sexuality for some.

It is obvious that this stage of a man’s life is inevitable and constitutes a discovery of sexuality in an autonomous way which tends first of all to verify the fertility of a man, his capacity to produce sperm or even to enjoy this moment when he can not do it with a partner of the opposite sex.

Masturbation is disapproved and her practice represents an alternative of many young boys who prefer to forget themselves in the fantasies of celebrities of the X instead of looking for a suitable girl.

The question then is whether there is really a danger in masturbation?

Absolutely none, and this is a medical report to counter all the rumors around this subject that tends to say that teenagers who masturbated during this period have to alter the quality of sperm, its quantity and the sexual performance of a man during coitus.

In fact, no impact, neither physiological nor psychological, is a direct consequence of this practice when it is just sporadic and irregular during a specific period of a man’s life.

On the other hand, when masturbation becomes an obsession and a continuous need , it is necessary to observe permanent states of anxiety linked to a lack of socialization, a retreat on the person who becomes a little removed from the world around him and does not finding that this practice to calm this social pain.

At the limit , sexual inhibition is the worst thing that can happen to an obsessed with masturbation to the extent that he no longer feels desire for girls and only finds the image to fan that pleasure and enjoy it remote.

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