Massage this point of the ear to relieve stress!

The source of stress often varies and people still feel it almost in different ways. As soon as stress sets in, most people have a feeling of unease and anxiety, followed by a feeling of heaviness or even tension in some parts of their body.

The first thing to do to get rid of stress is to get rid of negative emotions. Do not keep it inside of you. After that, you have to get rid of the physical effects of stress. This is where psycho-reflexology comes in. Our body has some anti-stress points and you just have to massage those points to get rid of the stress.

Ancient China has called this point of the ear the Shen Men or “the door of heaven”. Shen Men is an anti-stress point that relieves stress, stimulates energy flow, and enhances the overall health of the body.

This point of acupressure also decreases inflammation and can relieve pain in virtually all parts of the body. Massaging the Shen Men point will relieve stress and it is located in the center of the upper third of the ear.

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