Marry a smart woman is good for health and makes you happier

In a literary debate organized by Oxford University on the theme “Dementia, how can we protect ourselves”, the British researcher demonstrated that living with a very cultured and intelligent woman had such a positive impact. on cognitive faculties as brain stimulation activities such as reading, writing or seeing exhibits in a museum.

The study conducted by the University of Aberdeen, investigated the impact of the marital relationship of men on the evolution of their neuropsychiatric state with age. The results reveal that males married to smart women not only led a longer and happier life, but also had less chance of developing Alzheimer’s and other pathological dementias.

Permanent brain stimulation caused by an existence led by a quick wit helps prevent various symptoms of mental degradation, such as memory loss.

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Inspirational women for their husbands, whose conversation requires a certain intellectual skill and an effort of understanding, prevent their companion from sinking into the deliquescences of age. Professor Lawrence Whalley, director of the study, said during his speech in Oxford: “The thing you never say to a boy who wants to live a long life – when it should – is to marry an intelligent woman. […] There is no better defense against degradation than intelligence.

On the other hand, other factors play an incriminating role in the development of long-term dementia, such as the loss of a loved one at a very young age, and even more so for an only child.

Studies have shown that the death of the mother before reaching the age of five is a very important risk factor. But receiving enough support and parental love during childhood, long years of study, and living in a supportive environment is one of the best ways to ensure lasting mental health. ” In the future, pick up at the exit of the ENS.

Research has also found that maintaining physical activity and pursuing intellectual activities and / or workshops that stimulate memory, logic, or thinking may reduce the risk of age-related dementia.

Now we are waiting for the study that will say whether to marry a smart man gives the same results.

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