Marc Renaudin his water engine always rolls!

It’s now two and a half years since the Breton Marc Renaudin rolls with a water engine . And the latter is full of praise on a system that would have earned him nearly 19 full of gas, more than 16,000 km.

“The last time you talked about me, I received calls from all over France. People were wondering if it really worked, if it was a scam, if I was paid to say it. There is no doubt, I really recommend it. My car is still working as well, I save money and it pollutes less. This is also what was pointed out to me at the last technical control. Only worry, I will have to recharge water, it has not rained much in recent days.

1,200 km against 850 before

This retiree lorientais 64 years, does not even calculate the savings made with his kit that has not changed the engine. A process that uses an old system that involves injecting water into a combustion engine. The installer attaches a reactor to the exhaust manifold of the engine or precatalyst. It links it to a “bubbler” with a capacity of one liter containing rainwater (or demineralized) to renew every 1,000 km and a diffuser installed at the air intake. The suction of the motor generates the formation of air bubbles.

The moist air obtained passes through the reactor whose temperature and composition will allow its molecular transformation before its injection into the engine. With 55,000 kilometers made since the purchase of the kit for its Citroën C5 diesel which is 138 hp, the calculation is not complicated.

Before installation, this regular of long journeys carried out between 800 and 850 kilometers with a full one. Now, the same full allows him, without change of conduct, to drive nearly 1,200 km.

Marc Renaudin would have saved nearly 19 full of gasoline. That’s more than 16,000 kilometers “gratis”. “My investment of 480 € was very quickly made profitable” he repeats to the envy. In other words, the last risks of gasoline shortages have not really affected it. “I wanted to fill my tank one day but there was so much tail at the station … I still had 600 km to go, I turned back”.

“The requests flock”

A speech that is not displeasing to the one who put his kit when he was still in Besançon. Laurent Baltazar, former owner of the resort Total Plounéour-Ménez (29) will fully embark on the adventure of the water engine, next September via a company based in Morlaix and called Meautor.

“We will work with a network of garages on Nantes and Rennes and a team that will be responsible for home installations,” says the contractor who ensures that applications flow.

The technician advances the figure of nearly 200 vehicles, professionals or individuals, already equipped on Brittany. He is now waiting for an official certification of his system to move up a gear.

“The CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have been reduced by 70% after the installation of the kit” Laurent Baltazar

According to the distributor, this process to fuel rainwater has already found takers to 5,000 French customers, with 80% of professional customers. Negotiations are underway with a company in the Lorient area to mass-produce catalysts. The only unknown, the life of this system that if we believe the diffuser would be 150,000 km.

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