M & M’s sweets are linked to cancer, migraines, hyperactivity, allergies and anxiety

These M & M’s sweets were created in 1941 and are sold in over 110 countries with 33 different fillings. The coated chocolate was created to allow the soldiers to transport the chocolate without the worry that it melts. “Bottom in the mouth, not in the hand”.

The two “M’s” represent Forest E. Mars Sr and William F. R Murrie, the son of chocolate president Hershey who had a 20% share in the product. This partnership allowed Mars to use Hershey chocolate in their products. Hershey had control of the rationed chocolate at the time.

In 1976, the red candies were removed from sale due to consumer health concerns and suspected carcinogens because of the red coloring E123. Red candies were reintroduced in 1986 and Mars, inc. continued to receive petitions about the removal of artificial colors.

A petition from and a press release from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) described artificial colors as “neurotoxic chemicals”.

This petition was similar to Kraft’s, urging them to remove the dangerous yellow dyes E102 and E132 from its macaroni and cheese that was backed by 350,000 signatures.

CSPI urged the petition to recommend warning labels listing the alleged risks of eight approved food colors. Dr. Jacobson’s director of CSPI said, “The evidence that these petrochemicals worsen the behavior of some children is compelling.

“I hope the committee will advise the agency to both require warnings and encourage companies to voluntarily switch to safer, natural dyes. “

José Bové called to boycott the M & M’s on the BFMTV set on 17/03/15 (BFMTV capture)

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Let’s look at the current ingredients listed on a M & M’s Candy Pack:

Milk chocolate (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, skim milk, milk fat, lactose, soy lecithin, salt, artificial color), sugar, corn starch,> 1% corn syrup, dextrin, artificial colors (E133, E129, E110, E102, E132), gum arabic.

What are the harms of these ingredients:

• Soy lecithin: 93% of soy is genetically modified. Soy lecithin can cause breast cancer, has negative effects on fertility and reproduction, can lead to behavioral and brain abnormalities.

• Brilliant blue FCF (E133): Produces malignant tumors at the injection site and by ingestion in rats. Possible effects include asthma, urticaria, hay fever, low blood pressure, allergic reactions. Caution is advised if you are sensitive to aspirin.

• Red allura AC (E129): Damage DNA, causes swelling around the mouth, hives, hyperactivity in children and cancer.

• Orange-yellow (E110): May cause cancer, hyperactivity, allergic reactions, diarrhea, vomiting, hives, migraines and swelling of the skin.

• Tartrazine (E102): May cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity, cancer.

• Indigotine (E132): Is a petroleum product with a chemical formula C16H10N2O2. It increases hyperactivity in children, increases brain tumors in laboratory rats and other abnormal cell growth.

• Acacia gum: Is a dietary fiber of the Acacia tree. It causes gas, bloating, nausea and loose stools.

Unfortunately the Mars company has chosen to continue using these artificial colors because food safety agencies have stated that they are safe for human consumption. They choose to ignore scientific evidence to the contrary, even if there are other alternatives, safe natural colors. In 2007 Forbes reported that Mars Inc. had earned $ 27.4 million. I think they can afford to make positive changes to their products, until then they will not see a penny of my money.

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