Low cost food is a disaster for humanity

To name just a few: honey made with combinations of syrups and dyes, jam without fruit, reconstituted meat … A former agribusiness employee denounces in a book the techniques used to reduce prices . Périco Légasse, food critic, interviewed by BFMTV wants to combat these practices that tend to mislead the consumer.

The low cost diet is a disaster for humanity interview:

These techniques used for low cost products are common?

The more you lower the price of a product the lower your quality, that’s the rule. When mass retailers say “I want the cheapest possible products”, if the producer, if the manufacturer wants to keep his competitiveness he is obliged to produce in these abominable conditions.

But when you make two euros of savings on a product, that means that it costs in fact negative value eight or ten euros in health problems, environmental, quality problem. And it is the poor who are condemned to eat shit.

How to do when we can not afford the brand?

The low cost, the race for the lowest price is a disaster for humanity and for the planet. If we continue like this we will end up in an abominable chaos. People need to realize that they have to spread their budget. We have to take the time to do some cooking and people relearn how to eat.

I propose a solution, the 18-6-3 rule. You have a budget of 18 €, instead of taking six disgusting product at 3 €, you make three times a product at 6 €. The problem today is to adopt a different time management, so that people redo the kitchen.

You also recommend to buy French, it means to buy more expensive?

We have seen all summer cattle breeders, hog farmers who are in a catastrophic situation because we are in a competitive situation where foreign products of poor quality take the place of French products. With equal budget, we favor French products as long as they are of quality and so we favor our agriculture, our craftsmanship, our economy.

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