Living food, an ideal food mode to adopt

Since the famous works of Pasteur, it has become aware that an excess of bacteria (good or bad) can be responsible for the development of diseases. That’s why, since then, we have become used to cooking and pasteurizing our food without realizing the consequences. Heat destroys micronutrients because they are very unstable molecules. The simple fact of raising the temperature of a living food by cooking will destroy its micronutrients.

To give you some figures:

– From 35 ° C to 50 ° C → The flavors are released and modified

– From 60 ° C to 75 ° C → Vitamin C is destroyed

– From 40 ° C to 75 ° C → Digestive enzymes are destroyed

– From 90 ° C to 95 ° C → Vitamins B and E are partially destroyed

– At 110 ° C → Vitamins A and D are oxidized

– At 120 ° C → Destruction of the last vitamins and formation of harmful compounds

It is not very bad to add a raw and alive food to each of his meals of the day:

– A meal of fruit when you have a dip between meals

– An entree of raw vegetables before your usual meal

– A freshly squeezed fruit juice at breakfast to replenish your vitality

– Vegetable juice before lunch and dinner to promote digestion

– A smoothie with fruits as soon as you want to drink something

– etc …

c) The different types of cooking.

All cooking is not equal. There are mild cooking and intense cooking.

Let’s do a very quick summary of the different cooking:

– Oil cooking → Fast cooking and total loss of micronutrients

– Baking → Slow cooking and total loss of micronutrients

– Barbecue cooking → Cooking that carbonizes food

– Microwave oven → Cooking that radiates food

These cooking is the cooking to avoid because they destroy all the micro-nutritional potential of food. Conversely, there are some mild cooking to choose from:

– Cooking with water → No carbonization, leakage of vitamins into the water, avoid cooking food too long

– Steaming → The best cooking that exists today.

Limit micronutritional loss.

II. The living food according to its creator.

Professor Edmond Szekely created the concept of living food in the 1930s by introducing a food classification that is different from the current classification. The teacher’s classification distinguishes foods in 4 categories, not according to their content of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates or other, but according to their degree of vitality.

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