Many articles contain products derived from GMO crops. Plantations whose seeds are for many patented by Monsanto, giant of the industry. The INGO Greenpeace has drawn up the list of brands likely to market these GMO products.

The labeling of conventional food products concerning the presence or absence of GMOs is almost non-existent. To make up for this lack, the Greenpeace organization has submitted the agri-food industry to a questionnaire on their use of genetically modified plants. The evidence gathered allowed the NGO to classify these marks in color. Green for those who guarantee not to use GMOs. Orange for those who say they have started a process to exclude genetically modified organisms from their preparations.

Difficult to escape the products of multinational Monsanto, they are everywhere on the shelves! So here is a list of some products to boycott if you do not want to have anything on your plate.

Monsanto, the giant of biotechnology is not famous for the quality of its products, but rather for the health scandals in which it is involved. In addition, brands are very numerous to use Monsanto products, and we are careful not to tell us.

To find out what you are putting on your plate, find out about multinational companies that own many brands to find out if they use Monsanto products to make their products.

These include Kraft Philipp Moris, Unilever, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble.

Monsanto Beverages

  • Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Minute Maid …
  • Capri-Sun and Topricana fruit juices.
  • Ocean Spray drinks, Pepsi-Cola soda, Seven Up, Schweppes.
  • Lipton teas and Maxwell coffees.
  • Gloria milk from Nestlé

Monsanto sweet products

  • Chocolates Poulain, Lindt, Gold Coast, Dam, Milka, Suchard and Toblerone.
  • Lu, Oreo, Cadbury cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies.
  • Brossard and Savane products.
  • Candy Carambar, Krema and La Vogienne.
  • Les chewing-gums Hollywood et Malabar.
  • Bounty chocolate bars.
  • Ice cream Häagen Dazs, Miko and Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Kellogg’s cereals, including Special K, Trésor, Honey Pop’s, Froties or All Bran.
  • Yoplait yogurt.

Hygiene and maintenance Monsanto

  • Baby diapers Pampers.
  • The feminine protections of the brand Always.
  • Pantene, Ax, Monsavon, Dove, Rexona and Timotei shower gels, shampoos and deodorants.
  • Signal toothpastes.
  • Cleaning products Cif, Omo, Dash, Skip, Cajoline and Sun.
  • Febreze deodorants.

Monsanto salted products

  • Lay’s, Pringles and Doritos chips.
  • The Benenuts and Bahlsen appetizer biscuits.
  • The cheese specialties Philadelphia.
  • Prepared dishes Marie, Findus, Tipiak.
  • Jacquet breads.
  • Soups and broths Liebig, Knorr, Royaco, Alvale.
  • Mexican preparations Old El Paso.
  • Les Heinz sauces, Gomorrah, Benedicta.
  • Uncle Ben’s products.

Confectionery: Cadbury brands, Poulain, Carambar, La Vosgienne, Hollywood chewing gum

Soups and Dairy Products: Royco, Liebig and Knorr brands, Gloria milk, Yoplait yoghurt …

Food and ice cream: Green Giant, Uncle Ben’s products, Maille brand, Golden Fruit margarine, Amora, Heinz ketchup Ice cream : Häagen Dazs, Magnum, Viennetta

Cakes and breakfast cereals : Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Special K, Honey Pops, All Bran … Cakes: Lu cookies, Milka chocolates, Carte Noire, Côte d’Or, Suchard and Toblerone

Appetizer cookies: Lay’s and Pringles chips, Benenuts and Quaker cookies

Drinks: Maxwell coffee, Lipton tea (and by extension the Unilever brands), Ocean Spray drinks, Tropicana fruit juices

Other: Pampers diapers, Bonux laundry, Oral-B brand, Dove products, Timotei, Rexona, all Procter and Gamble brands (see list)

This long list Monsanto, far from being exhaustive, concerns only products on the French market. It gives us an idea of ​​the number of consumer products in which we can find Monsanto products, to pay attention to the products we consume.