Levothyrox: ANSM gives a toll free number for people complain about the new formula

It is one of the three most prescribed medications in the territory. The Levothyrox is taken by three million patients, some of whom describe “a hell” for several months. Dizziness, memory loss, cramps … The side effects of treatment would have become unbearable for many of them.

“We are facing a major crisis,” said Chantal L’Hoir, founder of the French Association of Thyroid Patients (AFMT), Wednesday, August 23 on Franceinfo, while nearly 76,000 people signed a petition for alert on the effects of the new treatment.

Many people complain about the new levothyrox formula .

Bring answers to the many patients complaining about the side effects of the new Levothyrox formula. This is the goal of the National Agency of Health and Medicine (ANSM) which launched this Wednesday a toll free number *.

The composition of this drug, which is aimed at those who have thyroid problems, was actually changed last March at the request of the ANSM.

But the president association Living Without Thyroid, Beate Bart├Ęs, some people would be “more and more tired.” “They do not sleep anymore or have digestive problems,” she told RTL recently.

National Agency for Health and Medicine (ANSM) gives advice

In a statement in March, the ANSM, which had sent a missive to health professionals, recalled that the active substance of Levothyrox remained “identical”.

In another August statement, the agency advised patients with side effects to consult their doctor.

Who will be able to prescribe a dosage of thyroid hormones six to eight weeks after your change to the new formula, in order to adjust the dosage if necessary.”

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