Learn to meditate while walking and eliminate negative emotions

This is what is known today as the “breathwalk”. This is a practice where synchronized breathing and moderate physical exercise are combined with mindfulness.

For many, it’s a type of mindfulness that can be applied in everyday life while exercising one’s body and relaxing one’s mind through deep meditation.

But we assure you that the benefits are incredible and that the athletes who apply it in their daily program are many.

Meditate while walking: Train your mind while walking

There are many people who start meditation without getting results. Mindfulness, as we know it, is much more than a method of relaxation.

It invites us to practice mindfulness, to relax the mind, to learn to be more present to be more receptive to this complex environment, while reaffirming our essence.

Although his goal is very satisfying and promotes genuine personal growth, not everyone can apply it in his life.

But if you introduce this approach into physical exercise, you will take a big step and get many direct benefits. Because walking and meditating can go hand in hand.

Let’s see this in detail.

Meditating while walking, an ancestral practice

For this modern world, nervous and in constant demand, meditating in a traditional way is almost impossible. How to sit when there is so much to do?

It happens to many, many people. But there are times when we are aware of two things:

  • We need to manage stress
  • We know that exercises are necessary. A sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health!

So, why not combine the two? These two questions give us an idea of ​​why the famous breathwalk is so successful!

  • Walking while meditating is a practice that comes from Zen Zen Buddhism.
  • In Japan, for example, it is common to see groups of people walking during the others guide them with bells through which they mark the time.
  • This practice focuses, first and foremost, on synchronized breathing and its regular strides through which one learns to live the moment while focusing on exercise.

According to ancient writers, Buddha used to walk in the forest while relaxing.

  • First, he sat for a few minutes and meditated. Then he started walking. According to what he explained, what he cultivated while seated, he applied it while walking.
  • The simple act of walking, of putting one’s feet on the ground, of feeling hooked on the earth, without thinking, while the mind is only going, invites us to meditate almost automatically.
  • To get there, it is necessary to learn to breathe well.

A very simple practice that must be applied in everyday life

While it is obvious that this type of approach is based on a spiritual component, we can not miss out on its benefits to calm the mind. So, whether one is believing or not, it is an interesting practice.

  • Today, mindfulness, for example, is found in many psychological techniques that aim to allow the person to be more aware of his emotional world in order to better manage it.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy physical exercises while learning to better manage your stress, nothing like applying these simple techniques of meditation.

We explain the breathwalk.

Put on comfortable clothes and closed shoes, which protect your feet.

  • Before starting your walk, sit down for 5 minutes. Put your hands on your chest and breathe deeply.
  • Feel how the chest extends. Hold this air for 10 seconds and then exhale thoroughly.
  • Repeat this exercise several times. That’s it, you’re ready to walk!

Start walking slowly. You must feel how your feet touch the ground, become aware of your legs and that heart that begins to beat, as orchestrated by an inner music that brings you calm.

  • It’s important that you feel your breath, be it sound, liberating, and cathartic: get some air, feel the pressure in your belly and let it go deep.
  • Rest every 10 minutes and resume walking.

Join your body so that your mind is aware of the here and now: it’s the only thing that matters, that’s where the true calm is.

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