Learn this simple trick to remove ticks

Ticks are ectoparasitic mites carrying diseases that can be found everywhere. They are more active in the spring and summer, but they are hardy and can be found in the fall and winter, depending on where you live.

They can spread many bacterial, viral, and other toxic diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularaemia. A tick can carry many diseases, so a bite can infect a person with many diseases.

The facts about ticks are scary and if you ever get bitten by a tick you have to remove it as soon as possible. The sooner you remove the head of your skin the better it is, as this greatly reduces the risk of infection. Most people remove ticks with tweezers, which can be effective, but often the body is torn off and the head is still hanging.

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Instead, test this quick and easy technique to remove it.

You just need a cotton swab, water and good lighting. Take the cotton swab and slightly moisten the tip, which will help to slide it gently on the skin.

Place the tip of the cotton swab at the back of the tick so that it is slightly inclined, and not directly on it. Turn it round so that it turns around its axis or hypostome which is the part of its head. After about 3 to 5 rotations the tick should stop biting and withdrawing on its own. Then you should be able to remove the tick with the tip of the cotton swab and get rid easily.

Learn this simple trick to remove ticks:

This method basically works to push the tick to come off your skin with a cotton swab. The mouth of the tick is composed of what looks like two saws that surround a kind of big barbed sword whose scientific name is the hypostome.

Because of this, a tick is so difficult to remove and the head often hangs when using tweezers. With the cotton swab method, the tick will unhook itself. The head will not get stuck, so you will not increase the risk of infection.

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