Join both hands and pay attention to this small detail

Our hands can say a lot about us as with palmistry but also about our relationship to love and relationships. They are rarely wrong and can teach us many things that we did not suspect.

Palmistry aims to assess, understand and identify a person’s personality

With the lines that are responsible for love, we can better understand and understand our relationship. Join both hands and see what pattern you are getting.

We remind you that you should not take the results too seriously.

Both lines are at the same height

If you have both lines at the same height, you are a lucky person. Your intentions are serious and you prefer a stable and lasting relationship. You are rational and you do not appreciate the sudden changes in your life.

You have a lot of common sense and a sweet personality, and you value the opinion of others.

The line of your right hand is above that of your left hand

You prefer to have an older partner than you, and you are very mature for your age. You are endowed in love, romantic, and you break free from social norms. You follow your intuition most of the time, even if it can sometimes fail you.

The line of your left hand is above that of your right hand

You are not really in a hurry to engage in a serious relationship, for you love is not a guarantee of happiness. But once you have decided, you choose someone preferably younger and possibly from another nationality.

You love with all your being, you are sure of yourself and the strength of your love. You are an independent person who easily overcomes obstacles.

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