It’s now proven, reading to children changes their brains

If you want to put all the chances on the side of your offspring, for his future, then reading aloud before sleeping is definitely the way to give him a little advance in life. The Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati (USA) has conducted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, known as MRI: the effects on the brain are “fundamental,” say the researchers.

Unless it is continued until undue hours, it is doubtful that reading before sleep can serve a child. Empirical evidence already existed, generally observed through the schooling of children who benefited from reading before sleep, compared to those who did not have the chance to enjoy such a moment.

“Before this study, we had never really been able to say whether or not it had a biological impact on brain function,” says Dr. Thomas DeWitt, director of the pediatric section of the hospital. To answer this question, the doctors examined 19 children aged 3 to 5, scanning their brains for different activities, including a reading session.

Reading to children changes their brain

Toddlers were asked several questions to determine how often they could read, and MRI scans revealed two particularly active areas for small subjects who were regularly exposed to reading. Not surprisingly, areas useful for narrative comprehension and visual imagery.

Obviously, literacy will be the first beneficiary of this improved development. But learning would not be the only area concerned: socio-emotional development could also be impacted by reading. But this area is still little explored, and this time it would be necessary to examine the brains of toddlers during a reading by a loved one, and by a teacher for example, to be able to establish if the reader also has its importance.

Reading aloud was already part of the practice recommended by the professional body of pediatricians, but the study reinforces a little more importance.

Source: It’s Now Proven, Reading to Children Changes Their Brain (via NeuroScienceNews)

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