It was when I least expected it, that silence gave me all the answers

It’s always better to stay in the lie, or at least thats what we think. Continue like this, hiding in the noise that causes us a sense of unease but which, in a way, feeds us.

We turn into victims when we actually know where the solution is. We opt for flight instead of exiting all our strength and ending with all the pain that makes us suffer.

It is not easy to be brave and look for silence in the answers. It’s hard to shut up and observe the world and what happens without judging or criticizing.

The answers are in us

When life turns against us, when we consider that we have no chance, we must begin to delve into our heart of hearts.

It is natural to talk about our problems to someone in the family or a friend, and try to find a solution with them. However, the responsibility is entirely ours.

If we access professional help we will realize that. Psychologists, for example, do not judge, do not give you the solution, but take us by the hand and guide us so that we know how to find the answers we are looking for.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and for that we tend to focus on what is outside us. We are mistaken, no doubt, because the whole solution lies in our heart.

We think we can not be weak, or that we will not be able to reorient ourselves. However, all this is the result of the fact that we are not listening.

There is a little voice in you that tells you the way to go. You only have to listen to it and, for that, silence will be your best ally.

Immerse yourself in your interior

To delve into our interior is sometimes terrible because it involves dealing with this wounded child who still cries in us.

In other circumstances it may involve finding ourselves facing that part of us that we deny and repel.

In this case, it is important to keep our mind open and accept that we can make mistakes.

Have you ever walked in nature in silence or did you need music in your ears? This determines whether you are afraid of facing this lack of noise.

Do not be afraid to look at the problems in the face. We will not deny that it will be painful, but does it ease when you run away from all the difficulties that ravage you?

It is very likely that the answer is “no”. So stop using this so painful tactic that solves nothing but worsens everything.

In silence you will find yourself, your best ally, who knows what to do without fear, without expectations, without perhaps …

The time has come to stop making excuses and acting. Following the same path will not change things.

When you feel lost, when your world seems to crumble, find yourself silently, because that’s where you find the solution to what happens to you.

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