It is sometimes better to get away from people who bring you nothing

If you feel that you are stealing your energy and well-being, stay away from those who bring you nothing in your life. While this can sometimes be problematic and difficult, you must learn to look within yourself before meeting the needs of others.

It is better to get away from people who have stopped bringing things into your life and who today bring you nothing.

There are those who started by giving you energy but who then wanted to absorb you.

They are sometimes called toxic people, or emotional vampires. What is certain is that these people do not do you any good, and you feel that you have to move away, but that something prevents you from doing it.

What is it ?

But not all relationships should last forever. And sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back. And give you a chance to breathe. pretty Little Liars

Sometimes it is better to get away from people who bring you nothing:

Stay away from those who want to manipulate you

There are those who, once you try to get away from them, start telling you things that hurt you a lot. As for example, “You are a thankless person”, “Without me, today you would be nothing”, “That’s how you thank me after all for what I did for you? “

All of these phrases hurt you and make you doubtful, but you should know that those who tell you these words are trying to manipulate you.

A person who really loves you, who appreciates you, would never talk to you that way. He would respect you and your decision.

You have the right to move away from people who do not suit you anymore. Relationships are changing, so are individuals, and that is not necessarily bad, because it can reveal how the people around you work.

Stay away from those who pump you energy and who, when they have nothing to take, disappear. Stay away from those who smile at you in front of you, but who criticize you from behind.

Even if these people are trying to make you believe otherwise, even if you doubt yourself and your behavior, do not let people make you feel guilty.

When there are more bad moments than good ones in a relationship, from the moment you feel bad, it is essential to put a distance.

We move away nicely from people who need to blame everything. Quote from Anne Barratin; Way on the road (1894)

Closing chapters hurts, but sometimes it’s essential

There are romantic relationships that we would like to see transformed into friendly relationships. Sometimes it happens and it is very satisfying. But if you try and see that it does not bring you anything?

As a spouse, the other brought you something but today, nothing. A person must motivate you, make you want to stay with her. She must feel that she is enriching you.

If when you are with a person, you feel none of this and worse, you think you would feel better if she was not there, why continue to be with her?

You do not live an honest friendship relationship. It is complicated to close chapters because it hurts. The person has been important and will remain important to us.

However, even if you see it as something negative, it is not quite true. Closing chapters open up others and these will be even more rewarding for you.

Do not be paralyzed by fear, malaise or beliefs about relationships. If you feel that you must go away, do it.

Sometimes it is better to take a distance and move away to grow up

Sometimes we do not feel good in a relationship, and there are only conflicts, which bring us nothing … But we continue together despite everything.

We do not realize that sometimes we have to move away to grow. Perhaps we do not bring each other mutually because we seek in the other what we do not have in us.

These are dependency relationships, in which without the other we feel empty. We are not able to feel happy if the other is not with us.

In this case, there is reproach if the other does not meet our needs.

Moving away is essential for growing individually and in the future, if it is feasible, try again in a much more rewarding way.

Stay away from people who have stopped bringing you or who bring you only conflict and bad times. Sometimes this can be an opportunity to grow or take the path you should have chosen from the beginning.

Do not be afraid to distance yourself from people.

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