Internationally renowned cardiac surgeon talks about true causes of heart disease

But a few years ago I made the toughest decision of my medical career. I stopped the surgery I loved to have the freedom to tell the truth about heart disease, inflammation, statins and current methods of treating heart disease.

It was an exciting time for a young cardiac surgeon in the 1980s. A new surgical technique, coronary bypass surgery, was the only effective treatment for people with severe coronary heart disease. Our ability to save lives increased and the risks of surgery decreased with improvements in technology and technology.

Very sick patients could be put back on their feet with a relatively low risk, it was an exciting challenge. During my career as a surgeon I did over 5,000 coronary bypass operations.

The consensus at the time was that high cholesterol levels in the blood resulted in a gradual (cholesterol) deposition in the blood vessel canal. We had two obvious treatment choices; lower blood cholesterol level or operate to divert blood around the plaque accumulated in the artery, to restore blood flow and function of the heart muscle.

However, there was relatively little research going on to find out the cause of the plaque . For the medical community, it was simply necessary to control saturated fats and cholesterol.

Statins – the ones your doctor insists on if your cholesterol is slightly elevated – and Bernie Madoff (the now infamous financial scammer) have both had many innocent victims, and many sincere but deceived supporters. These are huge scams perpetrated on gullible people.

Statins have been a global market of over $ 30 billion a year for many years. In addition, the screening and treatment of cholesterol costs about $ 100 billion a year without any noticeable benefit to the victims, I mean the patients.

I do not know if Mr. Madoff wanted to defraud when he started, but on reading the reports, he seems to be in control of nothing, and he continued to lie in order to keep the money circulating in his coffers and thus perpetuate his lavish lifestyle.

I do not know if the statin manufacturers wanted to cheat in the beginning, but they also did not intend to give up an annual $ 30 billion market easily. There are many sincere, well-meaning and deeply convinced physicians who will continue to support the theory that dietary cholesterol and saturated fats cause heart disease.

They will continue to think that cholesterol lowering drugs will successfully treat and prevent heart disease, despite a study published in the American Heart Journal (January 2009) analyzing 137,000 patients admitted to hospitals in the United States with a heart attack showed that almost 75% of patients had “normal” cholesterol levels .

It continued to bother me during my surgical career. I never thought that cholesterol could cause heart disease. Patients returned for a second coronary artery bypass a few years after the first, when they had normal cholesterol throughout this period.

In the operating room, I noticed that there appeared to be inflammation around the coronary artery that I was bridging. Thanks to a brilliant and massive marketing, statin manufacturers have skilfully influenced science and controlled public policy to make statin prescription a standard of care. Anyone who criticizes or disagrees with these policies is labeled as heretic, ignored, and ridiculed .

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The National Cholesterol Education Program, The American Heart Association and many academic centers are led and influenced by physicians who receive direct or indirect benefits from statin manufacturers. Their influence is so strong that recently, the FDA has approved Crestor®, a statin, to treat patients with normal cholesterol.

The true causes of heart disease: Treating or trying to prevent heart disease with statins is dangerous and fraudulent for two reasons:

1.) Serious, deadly and disabling side effects that are completely ignored by the medical profession and ignored by statin manufacturers . These side effects have been brilliantly documented by Dr. Duane Graveline and other brave doctors who dare to speak up against the official religion of cholesterol and saturated fats.

2.) Continuing to focus on this ineffective treatment diverts attention from true understanding of heart disease, and gives patients a false sense of security that prevents them from changing their lifestyle that could really prevent and reverse heart disease .

Also consider the following: 1.) Statins have not been proven to help women of all ages! 2.) Statins have not been proven to help people over 65! 3.) The only patients who can – and I insist on the “can” – have an advantage, are the middle-aged men who have ever had a heart attack. It is amazing to see all the medical literature that is funded by the statin makers, and distributed to doctors’ offices by enthusiastic young representatives who claim that statins are beneficial.

The highly publicized JUPITER study – which led the FDA to approve Crestor ® for people with normal cholesterol – has shown that treating 100 people for 3 years with Crestor ® “may” have prevented a heart attack.

However, approval has been granted and millions of people have been exposed to the risk of statins with no possible benefit, except for the manufacturer of Crestor ®. Do you think the process is sincere and free of undue influence? As a point of reference, if I had treated 100 people with the appropriate antibiotic for an infection, 99% of the patients would have healed.

That’s why I call the statin treatment a bigger and more dangerous scam than Bernie Madoff’s, at least his victims have only lost money, not their health.

Although I was Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at a large cardiology hospital, I found that I could not change medicine, no matter how much I preached and pleaded, no matter how much scientific evidence I have could come together to prove that cholesterol was not a problem and that treating cholesterol with drugs was counterproductive.

So I made that difficult decision and I stopped practicing to have the freedom to speak, write and teach the truth about heart disease. I wrote a book The Healing of Heart Disease, which states that the true cause of heart disease is low-grade inflammation. Indeed without inflammation, cholesterol would never accumulate on the wall of the blood vessel to drive the plaque with its possible consequence of a heart attack and death.

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Dwight C. Lundell MD.

Dr. Lundell’s experience in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery over the past 25 years includes certification by the American Board of Surgery, the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Dr. Lundell was a pioneer in coronary artery bypass grafting or “beating heart” surgery, reducing surgical complications and recovery times.

He served as chief resident at the University of Arizona and Yale University Hospitals and later served as chief of staff and chief of surgery. He was one of the founding partners of Lutheran Heart Hospital, which became the 2nd largest cardiac hospital in the United States.

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