Indian woman, 70, gives birth to her first child

Married for forty-six years, Daljinder had given up almost all hope of having a child and had to face contempt for those around her, in a country where infertility is often considered, she explained, as “a curse intended by God.

Armaan is “healthy and full of energy”

When we saw the advertising for IVF, we thought we should try, because I really wanted to have a baby. God heard our prayers. My life is now well done. I take care of my child alone, I do not feel too old to become a mother and so full of energy.

My husband is very attentive and helps me as much as possible, “said the Indian, who does not seem to know his exact age. A common scenario in India where many people do not have a birth certificate.

Armaan was therefore designed from the eggs and sperm of the couple. Weighing two kilograms at birth, he is “healthy and full of energy,” the National Fertility and Test Tube Center believes.

Indian woman, 70, gives birth to her first child

Singh Gill (79) and his wife Daljinder Kaur (70) pose with their newborn on May 11, 2016 in Amritsar, India (c) Afp

“God is almighty and present, He will take care of everything”

People are wondering what will become of the child once we are dead. But I have faith in God. God is all-powerful and present, he will take care of everything, “said the happy father, Mohinder Singh Gill, owner of a farm outside Amritsar (northern India).

In 2008, in the state of Uttar Pradesh (north), a 72-year-old Indian had given birth to twins after in vitro fertilization.

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