Indian state plants 50 million trees in 24 hours, sets world record

Indian women on the outskirts of Allahabad, India, on Monday, July 11, 2016. Hundreds of thousands of people in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh India have attempted to plant 50 million trees in 24 hours to set a new world record. (AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh)

Indian state plants 50 million trees in 24 hours, sets world record

More than 800,000 people in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh gathered to break the world record of trees planted in a single day.

Students, lawyers, MPs, government officials and others from all walks of life took turns planting the young forest.

India wants to be a lot greener lately, especially since men and women in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India have come together to plant 50 million trees in a single plant. day earlier this week.

The activists aim to reforest the Indian state, not only to improve the environment, but also hope to cover 95 million hectares by 2030.

More than 800,000 people, including students, lawmakers, government officials, and nonprofit volunteer organizations have participated in the planting of millions of young trees across the state.

Their efforts culminated in the country claiming the Guinness World Records title for most trees planted in a day. Previously, it was Pakistan that held the record after planting 847,275 trees in 2013.

The Indian state

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80 different species of trees from more than 950 different nurseries were given to people who chose to participate, reports ABC News . Trees were planted at designated locations along country roads and highways, railways and forest lands.

According to some sources, the collaborative effort has taken place to sensitize the government ‘s massive national plan to make India a green country. As agreed at the Paris Climate Change Conference, the county aims to increase its forest cover to 95 million hectares (235 million acres) by 2030. To ensure the success of this challenge, the government is invested $ 6.2 billion.

At present, 29 other states have been encouraged by the government to start planting trees to increase the country ‘s forest cover.

The Indian state

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Le ministre en chef Akhilesh Yadav dit:

“The world has realized that serious efforts are needed to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change. “

Although only 60% of the young trees that were planted are expected to survive, the effort will contribute to improving the air quality of India, which is a very real concern. According to a recent report, six Indian cities – Gwalior, Allahabad, Patna, Raipur, Ludhiana and Delhi – were among the 10 most polluted cities in the world.

The sites where the trees were planted will be monitored by aerial photographs taken at regular intervals to monitor how many young trees have survived and grown.

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