Incredible grains of sand become colorful works of art

To the naked eye, the sand may seem somewhat uninteresting to look at. However, enlarged three hundred times, you do not even think thats what you see. With this level of magnification, rich hues and amazing details are revealed, each individual grain having its own qualities and characteristics. Beautiful patterns and attractive colors give the impression that some of these small grains are stones of a different world.

These microscopic photographs are the work of Dr. Gary Greenberg, BioMed PhD researcher and inventor of high-definition microscopes that he uses to capture these images. The composition of the sand depends entirely on the region where it is located. It is composed mainly of eroded rocks and minerals, as well as remnants of marine organisms that are native to the region.

Dr. Greenberg lives in Hawaii, probably the main source for the sand he photographs. It is interesting to see how its composition differs microscopically by factors such as wave temperature and climate, as well as the local marine environment. For details behind each image, and see more of Greenberg’s microscopic photography, check out H / T: artfido

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